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Urantia Brotherhood School

Qualifications or Standards for Entrance into
Courses for Certified Leaders and Ordained Teachers

March 30, 1955
(Transcribed from original)

Purpose: Affirmation of purpose to become a Certified Leader or an Ordained Teacher.

General Qualifications:

1. Good moral character.
2. Personal dedication to the "Way of Life" as portrayed in the Urantia Book.
3. Expressed belief in the teachings of the Urantia Book
4. Loyalty to the purposes of the Urantia Brotherhood
5. Membership in the Urantia Brotherhood.
6. Willingness to assume responsibilities and ability to complete projects.
7. Ability to accept criticism gracefully.
8. Possession of open-mindedness, tact, and tolerance.
9. Interest in people and readiness to serve others.
10. Ability to think independently and to act without prejudice.
11. Average emotional stability.

Certified Leaders

Age: Minimun 18
Education: High school or equivalent
Knowledge of Papers: At least one complete reading of the Urantia Book.

1. Ability to lead groups or to take active part in public meetings.
2. Ability to organize and successfully carry out projects.
3. Some gift in self-expression and ability to talk in public.
4. Some promise of teaching ability.

Experience: Experience in or capacity for leadership.

Ordained Teachers

Age: Minimum 20
Education: College or equivalent
Knowledge of Papers:
1. At least one complete reading of the Urantia Book.
2. Student of the Urantia Book for at least two years.
3. Presentation of a thesis based on the Urantia Book

1. It is assumed that Teacher candidates are possessed of abilities required of Leader candidates.
2. Speaking or teaching ability above the average.
3. Ability to lead and to inspire co-operation.

Experience: Leadership experience in churches, religious groups, civic, social, political, or business organizations or capacity for such.

Note: These standards may be waived for all auditors granted permission to attend classes for either Ceritfied Leaders or Ordained Teachers. Both auditors and students must fill out applications in advance and be accepted by the Committee on Education. No special requirements for auditors. A student for credit must have read the book at least once, have a fairly good understanding of it, and be a member of the Urantia Brotherhood. This class is for training teachers and leaders -- not for beginners.