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Burton King
Circa 1965

We have been asked these questions many times.  “How did the Urantia papers come through?  And “Who was the author?’  We are going to answer these questions and many others as best we can with the present research knowledge that we have obtained.

We divided these questions into two classes.  In one class we put all who asked the questions, who do not want any book other than the bible.  In the other group we put the people, especially the younger generation, who asked from a common desire to get our answers to their questions.  You are to become the judges of our answers to these questions.  You will accept or reject as true or false, the answers we give about the Urantia papers.

The reason that the former do not want any other book that reveals any light, is that they have reduced the account of there bible to the point that it no longer does anything to them personally.

We will take the authors first, and answer to the best of our present ability.  The first thing in any book is the author; so it is with this one.  On pages vii to xii you will find a list of the papers, and the authors listed with the pages where that author or authors begins.

Let us point out something that we found in our research.  Speaking of epochal revelations (in which category the Urantia papers belong) the first major revelation to this world came through the one who was then Planetary Prince – one who did not have his start on this world of ours.  (Revelation is only the facts about the higher worlds.)

The second revelation that was epochal came through two people who had their start other than on this world.  The third one was through one who had his start on a higher world.  But the fourth in the line was a man who was born on this world as you were and we were, and then became aware that He was from a higher world and told us so.  He was conscious of that world before he was born on this world and when He became himself (at the age of 31 ll/2 years) He was conscious of both worlds (the higher and lower) until the end of His life in this world our ours, then on to the higher worlds.

The fifth revelation of epochal value is the Urantia papers that came through a man who was born as you were on this world of ours.  His name is unknown to but a few (they are fast dying off) for the simple reason that men would worship him instead of paying attention to the facts that were given through him.  Our investigation reveals that the Urantia papers did not come through the mind of man, either conscious or unconscious.  That is why we can add our words to those who say that the Urantia papers were not colored by the human mind, as was the bible or any other sacred book to any people regardless of color, race, or creed.

Several people have been given revelations that are written in books but these books do not measure up to the five epochal revelations.

The authors of these Urantia papers were not from this world, and we must say they were a commission that was of higher worlds than ours; they live a different type of life than we do at the present time.

No personality that is human has added to or taken away one word from these Urantia papers.  They are just exactly as given by the authors.  No person who was born on this world is the author of the Urantia papers, and that means you.  This is part of the evidence we have found about the authors of these papers.  The material in this report is backed up by facts that we have researched out; we do not have anything to sell, one way or another.

“How did the Urantia papers come through?”  Our answer to this question is partial to say the least, but we are not gullible in our research.  Some evidence, which we have found, will be told in our own words.

We found that it was possible to use a higher law than we commonly use in the world.  This higher law was used between this world and the higher worlds in a common case we researched out regarding a dual-personality incident.  This case we researched out did not leave any doubt on our part, so we could accept the idea concerning the Urantia papers coming through a channel that was a higher medium than our ordinary common “mediums”.

These Urantia papers were handled verbatim up to this point of our investigation.  Dr. Sadler (whom we checked out personally) then had a stenographer make a copy of the papers that came through this human channel between the higher worlds and this world of ours.  At no time was this stenographer given the ability or allowed to censure or change the papers at the time they came through from the upper worlds.  The stenographer was only a stenographer who copied just what she was given and that was all.

Then Dr.  Sadler, under the guidance he was given, had the Donally Press print the Urantia papers in book form, and called it the Urantia Book.  The reason it was called the Urantia Book was as follows:  the name of Urantia was given to this world of ours when it was only in undeveloped planet form, and inasmuch as the epochal facts were given to the people of this world of ours, it was called the Urantia Book.

We all, you as well as we, can claim the name of Urantians because we were born on this planet of Urantia.

At the present time 35,000 of the books that were printed in English have been sold, and the book is in its third issue now with a fourth edition in process.  It has been translated into French and printed in three-volume-sets.  There were 3,000 sets in the first edition, about 4,000 sets in the second edition.  The translator is working on a third edition and it will be about 4,000 books.

The French translator is Jacques Weiss, 1, Rue ‘Argenson, Paris, VIII, France.  You can read his account for yourself on the last two pages of this booklet.  We have translated his French-language account into English on pages 5, 6.

The Urantia papers have been translated into Spanish, but at this date we have not heard that the Spanish translation has been printed.  We have knowledge of partial translations in Finnish, Italian, and German.

If you want to do further investigation on this book you can read Dr. Sadler’s paper:  “Consideration of some criticisms of the Urantia Book”, “References regarding the Nature, Origin, and Organization of the Fifth Epochal Revelation”, “The Urantia Book”, and the Question –and-Answer paper, “The Urantia papers, etc.” If you cannot obtain copies of these papers you can receive copies free of charge from Urantian Research, 4037 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90065 U.S.A.

A final word about the contents of the book.  It tells about the facts of the higher worlds and how they make up the Kingdom of God.  It tells how our present galaxy was formed, and all the life of Jesus from the time he began as the Only Begotten Son of God was born on this world, and how He grew up as the Son of Man and later became aware that He was the Only Begotten Son.

You can read the Urantia papers or a portion of them, and see for yourself that they have nothing to sell, no religious ideas to tell you at all.  I this manner you can be the judge of the papers yourself.