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A Brief Note About Dr. Lena Sadler
From a bulletin published by
the Chautauqua Manager's Association, 1915

Dr. Lena K. Sadler Physician, Mother, and Lecturer

Dr. Lena (as she is generally known) is a practicing physician and professional co-laborer with Dr. William S. Sadler. She, also, is a graduate of the regular school of medicine.

She is associate professor of Physiologic Therapeutics in "The Post Graduate Medical School of Chicago"; associate director of the "Chicago Institute of Physiologic Thereapeutics"; and a specialist in diseases of women and children.

Dr. Lena is a member of the Chicago Women's Club, the Illinois State Medical Society, and is also a "fellow" of the American Medical Association.

Before studying medicine, she was a public school teacher and afterwards a trained nurse. She has been a co-laborer with her husband in all his sociological work, giving special attention to rescue work and the establishment of homes for the unfortunate.

Dr. Lena is an enthusiastic speaker -- possessing an earnest style and direct delivery which enables her to go at once to the very hearts of her hearers. Her lectures and demonstrations are very popular -- interesting alike to men and women. She gives but two lectures to women only -- to all her other lectures men are invited. Some of her demonstrations are very unique -- truly remarkable. Her lectures are highly scientific, at the same time most simply and plainly expressed in common, everyday language.