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Memo from E.L. Christensen regarding Brotherhood School
November 1974

From: Christy
To: Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
Date: November 8, 1974
Subject: Urantia Brotherhood School

Here are some ideas that I have regarding the Brotherhood School:

1. My first general statement would be that whatever course we plan should, as Paul said, be reflective of our highest comprehension of the Urantia teachings.

2. Those who take the course for credit whould be screened by a competent individual, if possible someone in the educational field. I also feel we must carefully choose those we plan to use a teachers.

3. I believe we should also permit students to audit the class if they are sincere and dedicated.

4. Regarding proposed courses, I think we should lean heavily on Part IV of The Urantia Book in the beginning, not to the exclusion, of course, of other subjects. Bible courses and religions of the world, as well as contemporary religious movements, are all excellent subjects.

5. I believe that 45 semester hours should be required for credit.

6. As to those who should be contacted for feed-back to the Education Committee, I would suggest we give preference to those on our list who are in the educational field, such as Dr. Prince, Dr. Calabrese, and Dr. Heudier, and others of this character who aremembers or Members-at-Large of the Urantia Brotherhood.

7. As to workshops, have had no experience inthis field and, therefore, do not feel comptetent to recommend a course of procedures.

8. This is pretty sketchy outline, but I earnestly would lrecommend that teachers, as well as students who work for credit, be chosen most carefully.