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The Urantia Brotherhood School

M. Rowley's Final Exam on
Organization of The Urantia Book

March 19, 1958

1. In the following answers, locate either by giving correct specific position in the outline, or by giving paper number and name, where you will find information about:

a. Melchizedeks (name 2 places)
b. Sons of God (name 3 places)
c. Supernaphim (name 1 place)
d. Deity (name 4 places)
e. Life Carriers (name 2 places)
f. The story of Amadon (name 1 place)

2. Give the heading and sub-headings of the outline which cover the following:

a. The formation of Urantia.
b. The first miracle.
c. The resurrection of Lazarus.

3. What is the paper number of "The Faith of Jesus?"

4. Write the complete outline of all four parts, including all subdivisions (but not the names of the papers).