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The Urantia Brotherhood School

Anna Rawson's Exam on
The Urantia Book and the New Testament

January 15, 1964

1. What is the significance of Jesus' sojourn at Urmia?

2. Contrast Jesus' sojourn on Mount Hermon before his baptism, and his 40 days in the Perean hills after his baptism. Who was present? What occurred? What was accomplished? Is it recorded in the Bible?

3. Give a brief description of Jesus' baptism.

4. Name the 12 apostles and list the position each was assigned in the organization.

5. Name the apostles who suffered a martyr's death.

6. What was John the Baptist's contribution to Jesus' life work?

7. Give a few highlights of Jesus' so-called "Sermon on the Mount." What was its real purpose? Is it in the Bible? Summarize some of the significant things which Jesus said.

[Here are some additional questions from another exam in this class dated November 13, 1963]

1. List two facts about each of the Gospels, according to information given in the Urantia Book.

2. List five incidents found in both the Urantia Book and the New Testament, and name the Gospel where found.

3. Relate briefly on of these incidents, showing some differences between the two accounts.

4. Relate briefly one incident on Jesus' Roman trip.

[Here are some additional questions from anotehr exam in this class dated April 22, 1964]

1. Who was Nicodemus? Tell of his recorded conversation with Jesus azbout being born again. According to the Urantia Book, what part did Nicodemus later play in events relating to Jesus?

2. Give a brief account of the story of Nalda. Why do you think John was the only apostle to record this story?

3. Differentiate between the "Believer's Prayer" in the Urantia Book and in the Bible, especially regarding "temptation" and the ending of the prayer.

4. Record one story, of your own choosing, told in both the Urantia Book and the Bible. Note similarities and differences in the two accounts.

5. Where do the following appear?

EventIn the Urantia Book onlyIn both the Urantia Book and the Bible
1. Death of John the Baptist.  
2. Plucking the grain.   
3. Spiritual unity  
4. Healing the paralytic who was let down through the roof.  
5. Bethsaida hospital  
6. Discourse on prayer  
7. Afternoon at the Capernaum Synagogue  
8. Healing the centurion's servant  
9. Woman anointing Jesus at the home of Simon the Pharisee  
10. Preaching at Archelais  

11. What must I do to be saved?

12. The Nazareth rejection