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Some Speculation Regarding the Origin of The Urantia Book
Edited by David Kantor

Editor's note: The document reproduced below is purported to have been written by two women who had been members of the Forum. It appears to represent an effort to use information from the book to support the mythology regarding the origin of the text which was propagated to the Forum by Dr. Sadler and the contact commissioners. This contains the most complete picture to date regarding these events but certain aspects of the process remain unclear and their understanding awaits further study.

The date of recordation of this document is unknown but it apparently is after the publication of the first French translation, Volume I of which went into distribution in 1961. This speculative outline of the process by which the content of the book was received, fails to fully account for the manner in which the so-called "human sources" were utilized. Were these "sources" merely used as a meta-vocabulary by the celestial beings involved in the translation of an original manuscript, or were these "sources" used as a basis for constructing the source manuscript? See (503,3) [44:4.1]

Some of the references contained in the original document reproduced below were illegible in the original. Each reference given was checked to be sure that it related to the material with which it was associated. In a few instances it proved impossible to reconstruct one of these illegible references. In all such cases, those particular references were omitted.

"Divine truth must not be discounted because the channel of its bestowal is apparently human." (1733,top) [155:6.12]

How was it possible for these spiritual documentaries to be transmitted to finite mortals in a manner not to be associated with "mediums" and "spiritualists"?

The Urantia Book, in the Papers cited here, gives us the information needed to picture a valid sequence of events designed to make available to finite creatures documentary material compiled by spiritual personalities. (865,6) [77:8.13] See also Dr. Sadler's commentary on this topic

By what authority was such a revelation compiled?

We are told that the Papers were "sponsored, formulated, and put into the English language by a revelatory commission acting under a mandate" from on high. All that remained to be done was the transfer of these documentaries to finite resources equipped to preserve them. (354,bottom) [31:10.15]

How were these spiritual documentaries transmitted to finite beings?

The channel chosen through which this was accomplished is called a "contact personality". A secondary Midwayer is his "contact" with spirit personalities. This human being is one who has been trained as a member of the Reserve Corps of Destiny for just such an emergency, and who has an exceptionally experienced indwelling Thought Adjuster, as well as a guardian seraphim. (865,1) [77:8.8]; (1257,bottom) [114:7.5]; (1208,6) [110:5.7]; (1243,4) [113:2.7]

How did the contents of the Urantia Papers pass from spiritual hands to human possession?

We are told the gap between the material world and the spiritual world, from whence came these papers, is perfectly bridged by four orders of personalities. (425,1) [38:9.9] They are:

A. Primary Midwayers. They are "near the angelic type of being" and communicate with high spirit personalities. (865,3) [77:8.10]

B. Secondary Midwayers. These personalities are semi-material and sometimes visible. They are the real citizens of our Planet, staying here century after century. We are told that the jail door of Paul's prison was "opened by a midwayer." They communicate with all orders of spirit personalities taking origin in the Third Source and Center. They receive extensive training. They are very versatile and are able to adapt themselves so they can use material things. (865,4) [77:8.11]; (865,6) [77:8.13]; (862,6) [Paper 77, section 6] Editor's note: The comment about Paul's prison may be an error; see (865,5) [77:8.12]

C. The Cherubim. The Cherubim communicate with Midwayers. They aid the Seraphim. They understand our language. (422,5) [38:7.5]; (422,6) [38:7.6]; See also Paper 38, all of section 6.

D. The Seraphim. They communicate with Cherubim. The Seraphic hosts include seraphim who understand our language, and are versatile in communicating with lower personalities as well as with high spirit beings. (422,5) [38:7.5]

Many spirit personalities who authored papers were able to present their paper in person, as for instance, Paper 75 -- "Presented by Solonia, the Seraphic 'Voice in the Garden'." (846,bottom) [75:8.8]

Other spirit personalities were qualified to dictate personally a Paper, as for instance, Paper 37 -- "Dictated by a Brilliant Evening Star." (417,1) [37:10.7]

How were the Urantia Papers translated into the English language?

Translation was necessary in many instances involving higher spirit personalities because of language differences. The translation through an interpreter, was made as the Paper was presented. A Midwayer acted as interpreter. (503, 3 and 4) [44:4.1]; (627,3) [55:4.5]

Translation of Part IV would not have been necessary since it was presented by a Commission of twelve Urantia Midwayers. They were entirely familiar with the English language. The authors of other Papers were familiar with the English language, such as some Melchizedek and Archangel Papers. (1343, 1 and 3) [121:8.12]

An actual session of translation and recording is partially described on page 498, paragraph 4. [44:0.9]

We are told "Midwayers are able to contact the Thought Adjusters of certain favorably constituted mortals by mind penetration" and to influence their mind and somewhat to control their action." (1258,1) [114:7.6]

The technique of materializing the Urantia Papers into the English language involved the help of all the above mentioned personalities, together with, and most important, the aid of the Thought Adjuster of the so-called contact personality. This Adjuster "unobserved, unified and made meaningful the translation." The Thought Adjuster was "in effect, detached from the personality" of the contact mortal, "only during this season of communion with superhuman intelligences." During the revelation of these Urantia Papers "a Seraphim was used to guard the mind of the contact personality during the time the Thought Adjuster was so detached." (1258:1) [114:7.6]; (425:1) [38:9.9]; (863:6) [77:7.5]

So, we can see clearly how the "Papers," having been thus "dictated" or "presented," and translated into English by a qualified interpreter, have only to be (as they were later presented for reading) typed expertly by a secondary midwayer, who "possessed sufficient latitude of adaptation to make, at will, physical contact with what humans call "material things," in this instance, a typewriter. The "contact personality" who was highly qualified to lend himself to this task, was the only visible channel seemingly conveying this divine truth. (865:2) [77:8.8]; (865,4) [77:8.10]; (1208:6) [110:5.7]

What was the time period associated with the materializing of these papers?

The time period, according to the twentieth century calendar, runs from A.D. 1934 (for Part I and Part II) to A.D. 1935 for Part III. The time period for Part IV compiled and "Presented by the United Midwayers of Urantia," may have preceded or followed these dates.

The Urantia Book was printed in the U.S.A. in 1955, under the auspices of The Urantia Foundation of Chicago. It is copyrighted. There is today a French translation made from the English text.

Where did the material in Part IV come from?

The material was "sponsored by twelve Urantia Midwayers," and was "compiled by a secondary midwayer," from "purely human sources" where possible, from the memory of midwayers, and as a last resort, superplanetary sources. (1321, frontis) The Director of the Revelatory Commission, a Melchizedek, presented the introductory Paper to Part IV. (1323,1) [Paper 120]

In Paper 121, a secondary Midwayer (one on the Commission of Twelve Midwayers) states the source of material in an acknowledgement. (1343) [121:8.12] This secondary Midwayer, we are told, was "one-time assigned to the superhuman watchcare of the Apostle Andrew." (1321, frontis)

Beings involved in the presentation of a Paper: (contents of an incomplete page of notes by a Forum member)

1. Author -- (1733,top) [155:6.12]; (425,1) [38:9.9]; (846,bottom) [75:8.8]; (417,1) [37:10.7]
2. Guests (Student visitors, other Celestial beings)
3. Seraphim -- (422,5) [38:7.5]; (106,8) [9:8.10]
4. Sanobim and Cherubim -- (422,5) [Paper 38, section 7]
5. Thought Adjuster -- of the "contact personality", "in effect, detached from the personality of its subject, "unifies and makes meaningful the content." (425,1) [38:9.9]; (1258,1) [114:7.6]; (863,6) [77:7.5]
6. Primary Midwayers -- (865,3) [77:8.10]; (1258,1) [114:7.6]
7. The "contact personality" -- The subject is "relaxed and unconcerned." His "contact" is a secondary Midwayer. It is his Thought Adjuster who "in effect detached" is able "to unify and make meaningful" the content of the Paper. (865,1) [77:8.8]; (1257,bottom) [114:7.5]; (1208,6) [110:5.7]; (1243,4) [113:2.7]; (1733,top) [155:6.12]
8. Secondary Midwayer -- Gives the accepted interpretation and translation in English and later types it (from a recording.) (865, 3 and 4) [77:8.10]; (627,3) [55:4.5]; (865,2) [77:8.9]; (106,bottom) [9:8.10]; (1258,1) [114:7.6]; (863,6) [77:7.5]

On a table is a typewriter and legal sized yellow sheets of paper. Also, a dictaphone, for use only if human personalities were permitted to view the . . . [unclear but looks like "type . . . . . rial" and could be "typewritten material"] . . . and to record it. (865:2) [77:8.9]

Bill Sadler described the process as follows:

"I'll tell you how I think this paper was written. And my theory is not one-hundred percent correct. But its the best I can find. Visualize several places in space -- points A, B, C and D. I think the papers were dictated or conceived at point A and had we been there when any of these papers were written we would have seen nothing. A Divine Counselor is presenting his concepts in the language of Uversa. A translator is there who translates it into the language of Salvington. There is another translator there who translates from the language of Salvington to the language of Satania and another translator who translates from Satania into English. You cannot translate from Uversa into English because the languages are too far apart. "I suspect that 99% of the original concept was lost in translation -- English is too primitive a language. Take Bantu where they have one, two and then "many" -- the end of their numbers -- and you want to translate into large number systems, you simply can't do it. See the problem?

"Point A was linked by some sort of communication circuit to point B. At point B there would be something to see, but it would be rather dull. It would be a man asleep -- doing nothing. Remember the resurrection and the way the stone was moved by the Midwayers? At point C you would see a pencil moving over paper with no visible means of motion. That's where the physical writing took place. Now point D would be where we found the papers. This individual was never seen to write one of these papers -- and don't think we weren't wearing gumshoes looking. If he wrote them he was more clever than us -- he was never observed to write them.

"We tried everything we could think of to see how this was being done, but were baffled. The text was entirely written in pencil -- all in the handwriting of this individual who remarked that if they ever wanted to draw on his bank account he'd be a dead duck because the bank would pay on their signature."

(Taken from "How The Urantia Book came into Existence" by Bill Sadler)

Editor's commentary:

At (503,2) [44:4.2] we read about the thought preservers. "These are the artisans dedicated to the preservation of the higher thought of the realms. On the morontia worlds they truly treasure the gems of mentation. Before first coming to Urantia, I saw records and heard broadcasts of the ideation of some of the great minds of this planet. Thought recorders preserve such noble ideas in the tongue of Uversa."

If we review this in the context of the commentary about Morontia Mota on page 556 [48;7.1] and (536,1) [47:5.3], we might ask questions about how the mortal philosophy component of the Morontia Mota used for ascender training is compiled. Are the thought preservers involved in this task? Is there a relationship between the mortal counterparts of morontia mota and the so-called "source" materials from which the text of The Urantia Book appears to be compiled? Will we arrive on the mansion worlds to find that our first textbook is the morontia mota counterpart to The Urantia Book?

For more on current research into the sources of the text of The Urantia Book, see "Selections from Authors Thought to be Urantia Book Sources"

See also, "What does The Urantia Book say about its Origin and Purpose?"

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