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Summary of Events of the Fourth Quarter 1957
February 15, 1958

This news letter carries greetings to and from the new president of Urantia Brotherhood, Warren H. Kulieke, who after three years of efficient service as vice-president was elected to the presidency on January 26, 1958. Henceforward our quarterly news letter will come to you from me as vice-president and I will endeavor to give you from time to time a brief account of our activities, committee functions, and a resume of our deliberations and decisions.

The annual meeting of the General Council was held Sunday, January 26, 1958, at 533 Diversey Parkway. The revised roster showing new officers and departmental committee members is attached, along with the annual statement of the treasurer.

Each departmental committee chairman and the officers made a report on their activities in 1957, most of which have already been reported in news letters. William S. Salder, Jr., the retiring president, reviewed the first three years of the organization and reported the completion of the administrative machinery. Among other comments, he made some suggestions for changes in the Brotherhood Constitution in the future, when it is possible to make the amendments.

The First Urantia Society of Oklahoma, at Oklahoma City, was installed November 23, 1957, under Charter No. 4, with 25 members. The ceremony was conducted by Ruth Burton, assisted by Mary Lou Hales, both of the Charter Committee. Other Chicago guests were William M. Hales, Robert Burton, and Barney Burton. Fred and Alice Leverenz from Dallas were also present to welcome the new society. This society is the second largest of the four and has the distinction of being made up entirely of people who were not previously Forum members. We are most happy to welcome Oklahoma!

Two new study groups have been organized, one by Mr. and Mrs. David Adler and Mr. and Mrs. William M. Hales in Winnetka, Illinois, and one by Mr. Frederick C. Kulieke in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We also understand that Arlie Riddleberger and Winona Jewell have one in San Diego, California. This makes four Urantia Societies and 11 study groups that have come into existence since the publication of The Urantia Book three years ago. We all think this is very gratifying.

The Urantia Brotherhood School has completed its first semester's work. The second semester will start on February 19 with a new course entitled, "The Teachings of Jesus," to be conducted by Dr. Sadler. Twenty-four students and ll auditors have enroled for this class. Dr. Sadler's text book is now available for $5.50 and will be sent to anyone upon request. Marian Rowley's class on "Organization of The Urantia Book" will continue into the second semester for several weeks.

The joint custodians of The Urantia Book report that as of January 1, 1958, 2,928 books have been distributed.

Income tax deduction? We know many of you are interested. We have to report that although our lawyer has made application to the government for approval of income tax deduction on contributions, the government has not yet given formal approval. We are quite sure that we will get approval eventually.

James C. Mills
Vice President, Urantia Brotherhood

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The Fellowship for Readers of The Urantia Book