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August 2, 1955

Summary of Events of the Second Quarter 1955


Right from the start a number of problems were encountered. The Charter Committee suddenly discovered that the basic nature of a Urantia Society had not been clearly established. Opinions of Executive Committee members differed so markedly that the President appointed a sub-committee to consider the question further. The various viewpoints were finally resolved into the conclusion that a local Urantia Society will probably consist of three groups:

1. The nucleus of believers - accepted members of the Urantia Brotherhood. 2. Interested seekers of truth - potential members. 3. Any others in the general public who care to come.

The manner of launching The Urantia Book has given the two Extension Committees some concern. Should it be brought forth with power and great glory? The Executive Committee ruled that at the start the book should be distributed quietly, that it should be spread about where it would do the most good, so that gradually, without the usual 20th century publicity campaigns, the world would become aware of its existence.

No committee has met more frequently or worked more diligently than our committee on education. Requirements have been established for recruiting two groups to be known as Certified Leaders and Ordained Teachers. You will be informed further concerning these two groups. Volunteers will be welcomed.. Courses of study for these Teachers and Leaders are now being formulated.

You have received a letter from David Adler, Finance Chairman, explaining the financial needs of the Brotherhood. These needs are two-fold:

1. The immediate need - current expenses of the Brotherhood - paying rent, office supplies, etc., estimated at about $500.00 monthly. 2. The long-range needs - printing more books, publishing the index, and translating the book into foreign languages. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Several committees have not been very active as yet. Like sixth stage spirits they await the unfolding of their destiny in the future age of the Brotherhood. Nevertheless, none of them has been entirely inactive. Even this news letter is made possible through the efforts of the Publications Committee.


Bill Hales enjoyed a visit recently to Crawfordsville, Indiana, where he saw the pages of The Urantia Book rolling from the presses. Dr. Sadler was honored on his 80th birthday at Pine Lodge, at which time he was presented a fine album depicting some of the highlights of his intriguing life. Reminder - the usual commemoration will be held August 21, at 533 at 8:00 PM.

Great days lie ahead intermingled with periods of adversity and disappointment. Our prayer may well be, "Give us this day our bread for tomorrow."

Warren H. Kulieke Vice President
Urantia Brotherhood

A Service of
The Fellowship for Readers of The Urantia Book