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Summary of Events of the Third Quarter 1958
October 15, 1958

At a very simple but impressive commencement exercise held on September 24, 1958, the first graduating class of the Urantia Brotherhood School received Certified Leader Certificates. Those receiving such certificates were Clarence Bowman, Arthur Burch, Inez M. Burch, Robert Burton, Tom Kendall, Al Leverenz, Ernest Pritchard and Nola Smith. At the same time, because of their long interest and work in connection with the Urantia Book, the following were awarded honorary Certified Leader Certificates: Elizabeth James, Julia Fenderson, now of Los Angeles; Frederick C. Kulieke, Ft. Lauderdale; and Fred Squires, Los Angeles.

The Urantia Brotherhood School formally opened immediately after the commencement with an enrollment of 20 students and 24 auditors. Joining the classes, Doctrine III under Dr. Sadler, and Educational Psychology under Ruth Burton, were seven student and auditors from Culver, Indiana, who have been studying with Dr. Sprunger.

In accordance with Section 4. 5. of the Constitution of the Urantia Brotherhood, two Members-at-large have been admitted to the Brotherhood by authority of the Executive Committee. Such section reads as follows:

"In exceptional cases, the Executive Committee shall have authority to accept individuals who are so situated that they cannot conveniently become members of an organized Urantia Society. Such persons hold their membership at the option of the Executive Committee, and such membership may be at any time terminated by the Executive Committee for reasons of its own determination, or because such an individual has become a regular member of some duly chartered Urantia Society."

The meeting held by the First Urantia Society at 533 Diversey Parkway on August 21 in memory of Jesus' birthday was very well attended. Many beautiful quotations were read from his teachings.

The West Coast Urantia Society has reported that they held a very successful and rewarding seminar the week of August 17-23 under the leadership of William Sadler, Jr. The Foreword and Part I were covered in 21 sessions. The attendance fluctuated, but ranged from 16 to 33. They are now planning another seminar next summer and a tentative date of June 21-27 has been set. They cordially invite anyone who can possibly make it to reserve that time and join them. Definite details will be announced when the time is closer.

On August 30, Marian Rowley visited the First Urantia Society of Oklahoma to teach a one-day session of the seminar which William Sadler, Jr. is conducting there monthly. The first part of Part II was covered in three sessions and she also gave them some background information on our headquarters activities and policies. She reported that it was a most enjoyable visit with a very active, enthusiastic, and friendly group. John A. Thomson of Wichita was a visitor at the meetings.

As a result of the enthusiastic efforts of John A. Thomson, two new study groups are starting in Wichita, Kansas. About 50 people in Wichita have Urantia Books and at a recent meeting, attended by Nola Smith of Chicago, it was agreed that two groups should meet, one at the home of Mrs. R. J. Harwood (Nola's sister) and one at the home of John French, with the two groups getting together occasionally. This sounds like a very promising development. We will watch their progress with interest and wish them all possible success.

Work on the index is progressing.

We would like to call attention again to the retail price of the Urantia Book which is $12.00. Also, since orders through bookstores have been increasing we would like to remind you to continue to order your books through a bookstore, when possible, and ask you friends to do so also. Jackets are still available and will be sent to you upon request at no charge.

James C. Mills
Vice President


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