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Summary of Events of the Second Quarter 1958
July 20, 1958

If you wish to enter the Urantia Brotherhood School this fall please write for your application. Registration for the following course will be held on Wednesday, September 17, at 8 P.M., at 533 Diversey Parkway:

Doctrines III and IV, two semesters, one hour per week, 1 major credit Instructor - Dr. William S. Sadler

Educational Psychology, one semester, one hour per week, 1 minor credit Instructor - Mrs. Ruth Burton

Religions of the World, one semester, one hour per week, 1 minor credit Instructor -- Tom Wideroe

The fees will be the same as last year, namely:

Matriculation $5.00
Major $10.00
Minor $5.00

Registration $1.00
Major $ 5.00
Minor $2.50

Commencement exercises will be held on Wednesday, September 24, at 7:30 P.M. Several students have completed the requisite work for their certified leader certificates and will receive such certificates at that time.

On Wednesday, October 1, at 7:30 P.M., school begins.

We are pleased to announce that the Trustees of the Urantia Foundation have had printed a beautiful and most interesting jacket for the Urantia Book. These jackets are now being placed on the books as they are mailed out and are available at the Brotherhood headquarters upon request at no cost.

We are glad to tell you that in the near future Urantia Brotherhood emblems in the form of pins and lapel buttons will be available. They will consist of three azure blue circles on a white background, one-half inch in diameter. The prices of both pins and buttons are as follows (plus taxes):

10 Karat yellow or white gold with 10-karat gold pin, joint and safety catch, $3.50 each. (white gold slightly more) 1/10 10-karat, rolled-gold, yellow or white, plate $1.40 each. Sterling silver, $1.25 each.

The secretary of your local society will be instructed how to order so if you are interested in securing one of these, please get in touch with her.

Jesus' birthday on August 21 will again be commemorated by the First Urantia Society at 533 Diversey Parkway, at 8 p.m. Anyone who happens to be in or near Chicago will be very welcome. We have no doubt that the birthday will be celebrated by the other societies and be remembered by many other groups and individuals scattered through the world.

The Urantia Book is now listed in two catalogues which are used by most book stores in ordering books from publishers, one is "Book in Print," the other "Cumulative Book Index." We have had an order for at least one book from 31 bookstores located in thirteen different states, one in Germany. The orders from five of these stores range from 12 to 157; needless to say, the 157 went to Rector's Bookstore in Oklahoma City. We, of course, are pleased to mail the books from here, but it has been suggested that it might gradually encourage bookstores to stock the Urantia Book if individuals would buy their books through a bookstore and recommend to their friends that they do so also.

The First Urantia Society of Oklahoma is conducting a seminar, August 17 through 23; lectures, study, and discussion on the Urantia Book to be conducted by William S. Sadler, Jr. The seminar will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. Curtis Steen, 78 North Grand Ave., Pasadena, California, and anyone seriously interested in the Urantia Book and who has some knowledge of it is invited to attend. Further information and reservations may be obtained from Mrs. Julia K. Fenderson, Secretary, 3638 Bagley Avenue, Los Angeles 34, California.

There is an interesting development in Paris. Monsieur Jacques Weiss, who has had the Urantia Book about a year and a half is, on his own responsibility, building a half-spontaneous, but not yet formal study group in Paris around the translation of the book into French. We wish Monsieur Weiss the very best in his effort to spread the teachings of the book. Monsieur Weiss's daughter, Claire, recently visited Chicago and a pleasant and profitable conference was had with officials of the Urantia Foundation.

The index is rapidly approaching completion and no doubt you will be hearing more about it soon from the Urantia Foundation.

The thirty-third annual outing of Chicago Urantians was a picnic held on June 21 by the First Urantia Society at Pine Lodge in the Indiana sand dunes where many such previous outings have been held. About 70 members attended. It was a pleasant day and enjoyed by all

James C. Mills, Vice-President

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