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February 20, 1961

The annual meeting of the General Council was held January 22, 1961, at 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, Illinois. Attached is the roster of the General Council indicating newly elected council members and departmental committee members. Also attached is the annual report of the treasurer.

President Warren H. Kulieke's report was directed specifically to the future, not merely for the next three years but for the next and succeeding generations. He stressed the study of the teachings of Jesus. We believe, concerning the Urantia Revelation, that the acceptance of the Urantia Book must await the culmination of world events for those more settled times immediately following the present world conflict and unrest, that the book will not catch fire for several generations. He further said, since we believe this, we shall reduce our disappointment and increase our joy as we calmly and patiently go about the task of spreading the good news to those who come seeking. And the folks are coming seeking -- letters are coming in from all over the world.

President Kulieke also reminded us that we must continue training teachers and leaders to be ready for the days ahead when our revelation will become known throughout the world. Hence, the continuation of the Urantia Brotherhood School. He proposed that our program of education be stepped up in whatever manner possible, particularly in training youg people who will truly carry the burden in those great days that lie ahead. And finally, and most emphatiucallly, the president reminded us we must live exemplary lives and remain at all time fully senstive to the needs of those who even now come seeking the knowledge and truth that is our to give.

Activities of the various departmental committees for the year 1960 have been reported in prior news letters. However, the Charter Committee reported that the Second Urantia Society of Chicago, under the leadership of William S. Sadler, Jr., was inaugurated last May; that a charter for the "Urantia Society of Santa Monica" has been approved and this sixth socety will be installed soon; also the Charter No. 7 has been approved for the "Orvonton Urantia Society of Chicago: and this society, which is under the leadership of Al Leverenz, will be installed in the near future.

Numerous study groups are being formed; we are sure it will be of interest to all of you to know that a group has been formed in Dunedin, New Zealand. One of the group first heard of the Urantia Book from some of our readers in Australia, and we are in correspondence now with the secretary of the group. The group includes artists, scientists, and a doctor.

At their December meeting the First Urantia Society of Oklahoma elected the following officers: Clyde C. Goodman, President; W. Van Butler, Vice-President; Berkeley Elliot, Secretary; Helen Butler, Treasurer.

For thos societies who would like to get in touch with each other here is a list of the names of the secretaries of the first five societies:

First Urantia Society of Chicago - Miss Nola Smith 831 Buena Ave., Chicago 13, Ill.

The FIrst Urantia Society of Los Angeles, California - Mrs. Julia Fenderson 3638 Bagley Ave., Los Angeles 34, Calif.

Urantia Society of Glenview - Mrs. Donna Rowley 66 N. 6th Ave., Des Plaines, Illinois.

First Urantia Society of Oklahoma - Miss Berkeley Elliott 300 Oil and Gas Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Oklahoma

Second Urantia Society of Chicago - Mrs. Florine Sadler 333N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, Ill.

We shall no doubt be able to report the names of the officers of the two new societies in our next quarterly news letter.

Custodians of the Urantia Book report the number of books released to date as follows: 1955-1695; 1956-639; 1957-594; 1958-388; 1959-454; 1960-522; a total of 4,292 sold or presented as gifts. So far during 1961, 86 have been sold.

One hundred four book stores located in 24 states and 9 foreign countries have ordered at least 1 book. The book stores in the United States which have ordered the largest number are: Rector's Book Store, Oklahoma City - 169; Kroch's and Brentano's, Chicago - 122; Culver Military Academy, Culver, Indiana - 1-1; Weiser Book Dealer, New York - 62; Pickwick Book Shop, Los Angeles - 53. Oklahoma City claims the largest number of books in its area - 432. Book stores in foreign countries are as follows: Durban, Union of South Africa; Brisbane, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Dusseldorf, Germany; Ottowa, Ontario, Lusanne, Switzerland,; London, England; Alexandria, Egypt; Greenmeadows, New Zealand. Also, we have nine vendors who have sold 217 books.

James C. Mills Vice-President


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