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April 13, 1962

The Urantia Brotherhood School has just finished its first semester. Science students have completed biology and are now studying anthropology under Alvin Kulieke. Dr. Sadler is concluding his course on "History of the Bible." Text books for these courses and past ones are still available and are listed as follows: Doctrines I, II, III, & IV $5.00 each Short Doctrine 3.00 Teachings of Jesus 5.50 Worship and Wisdom 5.00 Topical Studies-Vol I 5.00 Science - Vol I 2.50 Science -Vol II 5.00 History of the Bible 3.00 Has it occurred to come of you that you might make use of these text books in study groups?

Visitors are always welcome at the meetings of the various societies and study groups. The last meeting for the season of the First Urantia Society will be held at 533 Diversey Parkway at 3 p.m. Sunday, June 10, at which time Paper 183 "The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus" will be discussed. Don't forget the annual picnic at Dr. Sadler's lodge on June 23 and the celebration of Jesus' birthday on August 21. You and your friends are most cordially invited to both events.

We now have seven Brotherhood members-at-large scattered throughout the country. If you are located where there is no local society you may become a member-at-large. The Brotherhood is anxious to increase this membership and shall, upon request, be happy to send you application and information on how you may become such a member.

The sale of books is steadily increasing. So far in 1962 we have sold 237.

The French edition is nearing completion and Volume III should be off the press by late May or early June. The Brotherhood doesn't know how many books to order from the Foundation from its first shipment and would therefore appreciate learning if any of you are interested in obtaining this edition. It is being published in three volumes. We are not too sure of the price but at this time, it would appear that for the set of three the price will be approximately $24.00. We will take your orders now and advise you of the price when books are received. Single volumes may not be purchased--they will be sold only as a set.

The following excerpts are from letters recently received: "I consider the Urantia Book 'out of this world,' which it truly is. I started underlining passages I wished to pick up at a glance and found I was underlining everything. Every word is meaningful and precious. I wish everyone could have a copy of this interesting and informative superhuman book."

"I am certainly thankful that a friend loaned me this book and that I bought it. I feel as if the book has brought the creations of the eternal past, present, and infinite future into my life. I want so much to share it all. I want to believe Urantia. It teaches of a God whom I can accept..."

"I have found a copy of your Urantia Book in the public library and am very much amazed and enthused by it. It seems I've been searching for an answer for many years, and now I have it in my grasp, thanks to your wonderful book."

"I have not adequate words to describe the unique way the Father of all creation has seen fit to bring to our planet the revealment of the vastness of space and a part explanation in words and understanding that is available in the study of the Urantia Book."

"As you are doubtless aware, Mr. X has been responsible for the sale of many copies of the Urantia Book in Australia, but, apart from this, I should like to let you know -- just in case you are not aware of it -- just how much our good friend has made known your publication throughout this country. He has traveled from N. Queensland giving talks to groups in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide (a distance of over 5,500 miles by train) and in pronouncing his message for the New Age he has quoted from and referred to the Urantia Book very frequently. He is at this time staying with us, but will be off to Sydney soon, and then plans to visit the far west of this continent--Perth--which is over 2,200 miles away! After that he intends to return by stages to Cairns in the far northeast of this continent, by which time he will have covered over 9,000 miles spreading his message of the New Age and how knowledge of the Universe and the Creator is easily obtainable from the pages of the Urantia Book."

Under date of March 11, 1962, William S. Sadler, Jr. tendered his resignation as Field Representative to the executive committee of the Urantia Brotherhood, and it is with regret that it has been accepted.

In closing this news letter it is with deep regret that we make record of the death of Warren H. Kulieke, president of the Urantia Brotherhood, which occurred on February 23, 1962. He was serving his fifth year as president of the Brotherhood. His faithful service and friendly personality will be missed both by the Brotherhood and his family.

James C. Mills
Acting President


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