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October 20, 1962

The fifth commencement of the Urantia Brotherhood School was celebrated on September 26, conducted by Dean Alvin Kulieke, and Dr. William S. Sadler, president of the School and chairman of the Committee on Education. Arthur Burch, Nola Smith and Helen Thurman also took part in the program. Those who received Ordained Teacher degrees were Herman Schell, Grace Stephens, and Helen Thurman.

Classes of 25 students and auditors in "Topical Studies, Part II," conducted by Alvin Kulieke, and "Study of the Books of the Bible, Old Testament," conducted by Dr. Sadler, started immediately after the commencement. The two new text books are now available at $5.00 each.

Five new member-at-large have been approved recently: Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Tackett, Rancho Santa Fe, California; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gollnick, Oceanside, California; and Richard Squires, San Diego, California. This brings the total number to twelve.

The Domestic Extension Committee has recently presented gift books to nineteen more libraries in cities of 300,000 population or more throughout the United States.

One thousand copies of the French translation of the Urantia Book have been received by the Urantia Foundation. (An interesting fact--these books were shipped directly from LaHavre to Chicago via the St. Lawrence Seaway.) A few have been sold and the rest are stored in our storeroom along with the English edition. If you would like to have a copy of this first French edition ($24.00) please send your check to the Urantia Foundation and it will be mailed to you promptly.

The Urantia Foundation is pleased to report that Mon. Jacques Weiss, who translated the Urantia Book into French, is having exceedingly fine results in its dissemination in France and its various possessions. The following is an excerpt from his very interesting report to the Urantia Foundation:

"A subscription at reduced price had been opened in January 1962 by the writing of 1,000 personal letters to my friends and relations. The subscription period was practically closed early in April when I became sure that the printer would deliver his first copies of Volume III in the second half of April.

"I report with pleasure that I received just over 400 subscriptions for the sets of 3 volumes, a very satisfactory result indeed, 320 from readers and 80 from three booksellers who took various interest in the proposition.

"Among the 320 readers, I would classify the answers in round figures as follows: Thirty were politeness subscriptions, friends who took the set only to please me because of our relations, but who do not intend to really study the book. Two hundred were from people who have begun to read seriously and who have almost unanimously appreciated the teaching. Ten who have really 'caught fire' and acted as propaganda agents in the best way I could hope, and the balance of 80 was from people unknown to me, but brought in by the 10 above."

Concerning sales of the English edition of the Urantia Book, custodians report that to date 5,264 books have been released (either sold or presented as gifts.) During 1961, 452 books were sold; so far during 1962, 510 have been sold.

The Urantia Brotherhood is now in possession of a beautiful portrait of Dr. Sadler. This portrait was painted and given to the Brotherhood by Gustav Likan, a world renowned artist. It was indeed a generous action, and is an excellent piece of work, and one which is very much appreciated by members of the Urantia Brotherhood. Mr. and Mrs. Likan are both very interested in the Urantia Book.

For those of you who have never visited headquarters of the Urantia Brotherhood a brief description of our quarters might be interesting.

Dr. William S. Sadler owns the three-story building at 533 Diversey Parkway, where he lives and practices. The Urantia Brotherhood and the Urantia Foundation rent space in this building. We occupy the first floor of the building and a large meeting room on the second floor, as well as a vestibule. The First Society, the General Council of the Urantia Brotherhood, and the Urantia Brotherhood School use this second floor space.

On the first floor is a reception room used by the secretary of the Brotherhood. To the right is a large waiting room and a private office. We also have on this floor a committee room, furnished with table and chairs for use of committee meetings and monthly executive meetings. There is a hall leading from the reception room to the back of the building. Private offices lead off from this hall. One of the larger of the offices is used by the treasurer of the Brotherhood and an officer of the Foundation, who is working on the index. Leading off from this room is our print shop which also contains some files. Our printing equipment consists of one second-hand mimeograph machine which was given to us over ten years ago. It still functions quite well. The quarterly news letters are produced on this machine. Across the hall is the office used by the secretary-general of the Brotherhood. This room contains two desks, files, large supply cupboards, and counter space for wrapping books for mailing. Leading off from this office is a room devoted to the storage of Urantia Books (received from the printer in lots of 500), the Urantia Books in French, textbooks for the Urantia Brotherhood School, brochures, etc. This room is always locked since the inventory amounts to thousands of dollars.

In addition to the rooms described, there are two other private offices and several small rooms equipped for storage.

In the committee room are two large wall maps, one of the United States and the other of the world. A red pin is put into these maps wherever we know a Urantia Book is located. You would find them very interesting to study.

The Brotherhood and Foundation have purchased practically no furniture for either the first floor or the second floor rooms. These rooms were furnished by Dr. Sadler and we have the use of all of this furniture. About the only things we have bought (besides supplies) are three file cases, three lamps, a small adding machine, a blackboard, some maps, and carpeting for the meeting room (the First Society paid half of the carpet bill.) Even the typewriters were given to us. We feel very fortunate that we did not have to buy furniture for these offices.

Any time you are in Chicago we will be very glad to have you visit us to see the offices and get acquainted. The Urantia telephone number is Area Code 312-Eastgage 7-0424.

We know you who truly appreciate the Urantia Book are very interested in hearing what others say and think about it; the following are excerpts from recently received letters:

"Only for a few days was I able to borrow a copy of the Urantia Book from a friend, but I made good use of the opportunity. Especially did I find enlightening Paper 93 and those following, concerning the Melchizedek teaching and its historical background and extension. Of course, I found Paper 100 forward the most vital as regards personal spiritual experience. Truly we cannot fully appreciate, enjoy or utilize one segment of the universe outside or apart from the whole. Never have I found in one volume such a total and balanced presentation of Reality in such comprehensive philosophic and religious terms. I am newly aware of the fact that life is a continual giving of that received."

"Discovering the Urantia Book as been a life-changing experience; I must feel something of that spirit which inspired the apostles to go and preach in the temple after the bestowal of the Sprit of Truth. I sincerely believe that the Urantia Book can be decisively influential in breaking through the intellectual barriers which many of my contemporaries--recent college graduates--have somehow placed between themselves and their Father. The book speaks for itself, as I hope my life does."

"The Urantia Book is marvelously well written. It is great for doubting Thomases like myself who always question whether parts of the Scriptures were correctly interpreted or translated, or understood."

James C. Mills Vice-President


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