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April 22, 1964

On July 5, 1955, the first quarterly news letter from the Executive Committee of the Urantia Brotherhood was mailed to the General Council and other interested individuals. This was before the Urantia Book was published. This news letter carried the news of the formation of the Urantia Brotherhood on January 2, 1955, when the 36 councilors, comprising the General Council, met and signed the constitution of the Urantia Brotherhood. This news letter also carried the news that on January 2, 1955, the trustees of the Urantia Foundation formally announced and signed their "Declaration of Intention" to print the Urantia Book.

On August 2, 1955, the most important item the second news letter carried was that one of the trustees of the Urantia Foundation had been to Crawfordsville, Indiana, (where the Urantia Book was being printed) and actually "saw the pages of the Urantia Book rolling from the presses."

On October 4, 1955, the third quarterly news letter was mailed out. About all it said was: "Concerning the Book and when you might expect it: physical delivery at 533 is expected immediately." The last paragraph of this news letter is quoted: "And now, patience yet a little while. The message about to be proclaimed is simple yet most profound: 'The Word has become Book!'"

And finally, the news letter for the fourth quarter of 1955 carried the following news item: "On October 12, 1955, the Urantia Book was released for distribution. What an occasion! that Wednesday night when Forumites, their eyes sparkling, could be seen leaving 533, their arms filled with books, some struggling with cartons of 10."

Custodians of the Urantia Book reported that 1,860 were sold that first month.

And so, on down through the years since Oct. 12, 1955, (that wonderful publication date) 6,044 Urantia Books have been put into circulation.

There have been a number of inquiries as to whether there would be a second summer study session. Judging from the comments of those who were present, our first session was successful from many standpoints. However, it will not be repeated this coming summer, but will give way to the First Triennial Delegate Assembly.

This meeting is scheduled to take place August 20, 21 and 22. Our plans are not definite yet, but we are listing here what is tentatively set up as the type of program that will be conducted. The Assembly will convene at 10 a.m. Thursday, August 20. The meeting will open with words of welcome from the Urantia Brotherhood president, followed by a keynote address. Following this, the delegates will meet, hear reports, and select 36 councilors.

Other members of the Urantia Brotherhood may be present as observers. According to present plans the General Council will meet on Friday morning, August 21. No session will be held Friday afternoon, but Friday evening we will hold our annual observance of Jesus' birthday.

It is expected that the General Council will meet Saturday morning, August 22, to complete its organization and planning for the next three years. Adjournment is anticipated by noon Saturday.

The program committee is working toward developing one or more sessions for those who will not be involved with the business of the Assembly. Information concerning this will be disseminated at a later date.

Those of us at headquarters are again looking forward to meeting those who will be here to observe or take part in the First Triennial delegate Assembly of the Urantia Brotherhood.

The following are excerpts from letters received at headquarters:

"V...keeps all of our copies of the Urantia Book in circulation. One couple (a first year seminary student) has bought one of our extra copies, so we are replacing it. We really use our own copies and hate to lend one of them out. However, everytime we buy another extra copy so both of us can have our own, two people appear who seem to be just interested enough to read it, if we can lend a book while the interest continues. As a result, our extra copy and one of our own - both are gone again. This order is to ransom my book back from another first year student for whom the message of the book 'rang bells.' We are not forcing copies of the book on anyone, but when a person keeps looking at one of our books, and asking questions, and marveling at the answers, it would be downright selfish to keep two copies for us."

From Australia: "Our group, though a small one, is still functioning well and we are progressing slowly thru 'Life of Jesus' on Urantia. I have one copy always out on loan and never fail to bring Urantia to the attention of suitable readers. It is becoming known by slow degrees in Australia and New Zealand."

"Some months ago I received a copy of 'The Urantia Book!' It is the most profound book of truth that I have ever encountered, and it is making a deep impact on my consciousness, tho I confess there is much that I do not yet understand."

From an Englishwoman in the Old City of Jerusalem in Jordan: "I was most interested to find that Urantia gave the place of the Last Supper at the Church of St. Mark (Syrian). They have always believed that it was there. But according to Urantia, Golgotha and the tomb of Our Lord do not seem to be either near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre or 'The Garden Tomb' (of General Gordon's finding), but Golgotha should be under a morgue--a roadway and under part of the American consulate, and the tomb under the Dominican Church."

From an American in Saudi Arabia: "I consider 'Urantia' to be the most wonderful book I have ever read and can honestly say it has revolutionized my life and philosophy."

Mr. Tirmont, a bookseller of Papeete, the capital of the French island of Tahiti in the mid-Pacific, has been in correspondence with Mr. Jacques Weiss, our French translator and publisher. Mr. Weiss reports that Mr. Tirmont has been so captivated by the Urantia teachings that he has become an active propagandist and has sold some 20 sets of the COSMOGONIE D'Urantia in Tahiti. He is anxious to meet and talk with our people at headquarters and expects to be in Chicago early in May.

James C. Mills


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