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July 16, 1966

Remember Jesus' birthday celebration on Sunday, August 21, 8:00 p.m. at 533 Diversey Parkway. Come and bring your firneds.

Alvin Kulieke, Dean of the Urantia Brotherhood School, is already well into his teaching session at Los Angeles. He said there were 30 present at his first meeting and more were expected. The sessions are held in the Kappa Sigma House, 928 West 28th St., in Los Angeles, and are conducted in two three-hour classes, one on Wednesday evening and one on Sunday afternoon. Julia Fenderson reports that out of town people have advised her that they are expecting to attend some of the sessions, and she is delighted at the response from some of the folks who attended her San Francisco meeting in March. Julia also reports they are enjoying many social gatherings.

Urantia Brotherhood will hold its annual meeting of the General Council on August 7, 1966 at this address. We look forward hopefully to having all of our Councilors present at this important session. A number of amendments to your constitution are up for consideration and we must fill some committee vacancies as well as that of a councilor. This meeting is for Councilors only.

The Urantia Brotherhood School will open about the middle of September but instead of offering regular courses for credit, the Committee on Education is planning a program of seminars in which various topics from the Urantia Book will be studied and discussed. There will be conducted in two 9-week sessions, one in the fall of 1966 and another in the spring of 1967.

Some societies have reported the election of new officers. First Urantia Society: Carl Berry, President; Edith E. Cook, Vice President; Eva Vincent, Secretary; Carleta Wensel, Treasurer. Urantia Society of Glenview: Harry Rowley, President; Burton Harris, Vice President; Loraine Lloyd, Secretary; Donna Rowley, Treasurer. Orvonton Urantia Society of Chicago: Wesley R. James, President; Carol Brehio, Vice President; Clifford Wooldridge, Secretary; Thomas Kendall, Treasurer.

The following is an excerpt from Mr. Jacques Weiss' report for the period April, May, and June, 1966, to the Urantia Foundation:

"I made a two-week trip covering several towns in central and southeastern France, with lectures, propaganda visits, meetings, etc. I answered many questions, gave out leaflets, and prepared the future. These factors helped to boost the sales to the record figure of 115 full sets, nearly double that of the best previous quarter since the initial subscription in 1962. I had a meeting with the President of the Cultural Relations section of UNESCO. He had read Volume I and had begun Vol. II. He commented as follows when I gave him Vol. II: 'It is about the first time that I am presented with a book of which the interest is not exhausted after the first reading.'"

The mail and the callers continue to increase at a happy pace. During this week we have enjoyed visits from Anthony Tamburello of New York City, Helena Wall of Noroton, Conn., and Mr. and Mrs David R. Ruthstrom of Houston, Texas. And others are pending. Come and see us whenever you can. We enjoy the visitors.


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