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Jan. 27, 1966

Statement of Income and Expenses of Urantia Brotherhood for year ended December 31, 1965, is attached.

The number of books distributed in 1965 was 594, a little less than in 1964 which was 622. You may be interested to know that about 7,350 books have been dissem-inated up to now out of an original total of 9,652. The printing order was for 10,000, but 348 defective books were found by the printer at the start so the total number dropped to 9,652. Since that time a few more defective books have been found. The books which have been disseminated are mostly from sales but include several hundred gift books which have been presented to public libraries, college libraries, and to certain individuals who have been recommended and approved by the Brotherhood.

Mr. Jacques Weiss of Paris reported on Dec. 14, 1965, as follows: "During the last quarter of 1965, the sales of the Cosmogonie d'Urantia reached 40 sets, ...The mail, visits, comments, or telephone calls brought their daily stream of interesting contacts, showing that the leaven works in the paste." Well over 1000 copies of the French edition have been sold. The French edition was pub-lished in 1962.

The Urantia Brotherhood has received. anonymously a beautiful gift of stereo equipment, consisting of a record player, 2 loud speakers, and 25 records. This is a most appreciated and useful gift.

The second semester of the Urantia Brotherhood School begins February 2, continu-ing with Analytic Study of Part 1 of the Urantia Book, first 10 papers, conducted by Dr. Sadler, and Doctrine, Theology of the Urantia Book, Volume II, conducted by Alvin Kulieke. Text books for these courses, as well as all other text books, are still available.

Mrs. Ruth Burton, a member of the faculty and an Ordained Teacher of the Urantia Brotherhood School, started another extension course in the Los Angeles area on January 18. The course is a minor, requiring 18 hours of class work, and students will receive credit toward a Certified Leader certificate.

The Committee on Education has announced that there will not be a summer study session in 1965 in view of the fact that Alvin Kulieke will be conducting a three-week's class in Los Angeles next July. His plans for this course are still tentative, but more information will be available in the April Bulletin, for the benefit of those who might want to attend his class in Los Angeles.

The officers for the First Urantia Society of Oklahoma were re-elected at their annual meeting on December 13, 1965, namely: President, George Ande; Vice -President, John Lawton; Secretary, Mary Lawton; Treasurer, W. Van Butler.

Tom Kendall, Chairman of the Maps and Charts Committee of Urantia Brotherhood, would again like to remind you that his committee is working diligently on the evaluation and organization of charts and diagrams which are to be published with reference to the subject matter of the Urantia Book. He asks that you send any maps, charts, or diagrams to him at 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, so that this committee may have the benefit of your ideas in connection with such a publication.

The following is a quote from a letter just received from a reader of the Urantia Book:

"I feel led to write you a note and let you know how much I have enjoyed reading the Urantia Book. I am now in my third reading and find each time I go through it, new hope, new inspiration, and a clearer picture of myself in relation to God, life, and the Universe.

"While I have always been a Christian, I have never been able to accept all things as they have been explained to me. There are questions which I have struggled with for years that have been answered so beautifully in the Urantia Book. I feel certain that within its pages, all peoples of the world could find the way of life that God intended then He would surely reign in the hearts of men." CD

It has been some time since we reminded you that we always welcome suggestions as to any news and information you would like to have covered in these quarterly Bulletins. In fact, we are glad to have suggestions of any kind about the Brotherhood, the societies, or anything else.


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