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October 17, 1965

The annual meeting of the General Council was held on August 8, 1965, at 533 Diversey Parkway. Reports of the officers and committee chairmen were read. The Domestic Extension Committee chairman reported that gift books had been sent to seven of the Big Ten Universities and to the Portland, Oregon, Public Library. Dr. Sadler spoke of the successful new venture of the Committee on Education--the first extension course conducted, in California, by Mrs. Ruth Burton. Publications Committee chairman reported that the Bulletin mailing list is now around 700. The Joint Custodians of the Urantia Book reported that about 7,000 books are abroad in the world.

The Secretary-General reported a great increase in correspondence, which indicates the growing interest of those reading the Urantia Book. She also reported the appointment of three new Field Representatives: Mr. James C. Mills, Neenah, Wisconsin, Mrs. Julia Fenderson, Culver City, California, and Miss Berkeley Elliott of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Our President, Miss Christensen, presented an inspirational and stimulating report in which she reminded us of some of the admonitions of the past. We were warned again of the tests of delay and the dangers of lack of unity, and were told of the need and efficacy of an organization to effectively carry on the dissemination of the Urantia truths. By studying the times of Jesus and his methods of procedure in carrying on his mission we can be guided in doing our work more effectively. A combination of the efforts of both idealists, (the Abners) and ideaists, (the Pauls) is needed. And, as "valiant soldiers of the circles" we should ever remember to display "good humor" and the "smile of happiness."

Several amendments to the constitution of the Urantia Brotherhood were passed. Certain committee chairmen and members were elected. The new roster of officers and committees is enclosed with this Bulletin.

The President of the Urantia Brotherhood School, Dr. William S. Sadler, reports as follows on the second summer study session:

"We are glad to report another successful and inspiring summer session of the Urantia Brotherhood School. 82 registered from 12 states, plus one from Ontario, Canada. This three-day session under the able direction of our Dean, Alvin L. Kulieke, explored the morontia life.

"The sessions got under way with a few words by Mr. Kulieke, who introduced the participants and informed the group in attendance of the 'ground rules' for the session. He then introduced the President, Miss E. L. Christensen, who extended greetings from the Brotherhood, and again reminded us that

'The great and immediate service of true religion is the establishment of an enduring unity in human experience, a lasting peace, and a profound assurance. The truly religious individual seeks to identify the self with the universe and then to dedicate the activities of this uni-fied self to the service of the universe family of fellow beings, human and superhuman!'

"The Friday morning session was devoted to a presentation by the Dean, called 'The Urantia Symphony.' An analogy of the Urantia Book to a typical symphony was made, and records of symphonies were played in illustration.

"In the afternoon session, Kenton Stephens presented 'Personality Survival' wherein the conditions and prerequisites for survival to the morontia life were discussed.

"Friday evening we held an open meeting, when questions from the audience were fielded by a panel of four. This proved to be most interesting.

"Saturday morning Miss Marian Rowley presented a delightful story about 'Life on the Mansion Worlds and Jerusem, and at the 2:00 o'clock session Mrs. Anna Rawson continued the story in her presentation of "Life on the Constellation and Local Universe worlds" taking us through the beautiful Garden of the Gods, the intriguing Melchizedek Schools, and. finally leaving us on Salvington.

"Saturday evening Christy and I entertained at an 'open house.' The social even-ing included much conversation, good singing,, and refreshments.

"On Sunday morning our session was concluded by a two-hour inspirational message by Dean Kulieke entitled 'God's Greatest Gift--the Thought Adjuster.'

"Our visitors enjoyed our new chairs, and our public address system, which enabled all to hear with ease.

"It was good to see our old friends again and to greet the many new ones who visited Urantia headquarters for the first time."

Mr.. Jacques Weiss of Paris, in his quarterly report to the Foundation, says that though the months of July, August, and September are traditional vacation months in France, he has had some interesting personal contacts. He has sold 24 sets during the quarter, about one-half to booksellers and the other through direct contacts by himself. And now, Mr.. Weiss further advises us that on October 2, 1965, the 1,000th set of Cosmogonie de Urantia was sold. This is happy news!

New officers of the First Urantia Society of Los Angeles, California are: President, Ward Culbertson; Vice President, Richard Ziglar; Secretary, Julia Fenderson; Treasurer, Polly Parke.

We are happy to announce two new members-at-Large: Mrs. Hugh Culbertson, Cadiz, Ohio, and Mrs. Dorothy Elms, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

NOTICE: THE Urantia FOUNDATION, owners of the copyright to the Urantia Book, requests the cooperation of all readers in obtaining from it permission to use quotations from the Urantia Book.

If you have any news of interest to the members of the Urantia Brotherhood, please let us hear from you.


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