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April 23, 1968

As we announced in the last Bulletin, we are planning to hold a two-day Summer Study Session on Friday and Saturday, August 2 & 3, 1968. The main theme of the session will be "Mortal Ascension to Paradise." The program is tentatively planned as follows:

Friday morning - Welcome and Orientation by Alvin L. Kulieke, President Urantia Brotherhood. - Mortal Life on the Planet - Alvin L. Kulieke Afternoon - Mortal Progress through Morontia Life -- Anne Rawson and Ruth Burton Evening - A question and Answer Period or General Discussion session on various topics.

Saturday morning - Mortal Career through the Superuniverse, Havona, and Paradise -- Julia Fenderson Afternoon - Summary and Conclusions re Ascension Career - Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger Evening - Social Gathering

Our intention is to make these meetings informative and inspirational. No credits will be given for these sessions.

We anticipate welcoming back many who have attended before, and we also hope to see many who have never visited Urantia Brotherhood headquarters. We are enclosing a registration form. If you can make tentative plans now, we would greatly appreciate your sending in the registration form as soon as possible. This applies to both out-of-towners and Chicago area people. Our space at headquarters is limited and we should know well in advance how many people to provide for. If later on you find that you cannot come, you can, of course, cancel your registration. The form should be addressed to Urantia Brotherhood School, Urantia Brotherhood, 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, ILL. 60614.

We are happy to announce that Miss Virginia Mellencamp, Santa Fe, New Mexico, has become a member-at-large of the Urantia Brotherhood.

The second printing of the Urantia Book has been published, and on March 1 we received our first shipment of 500, of which we have sold 169. All of the first printing has been disseminated. The total number of books sold so far this year is 444.

Mr. Weiss in his first 1968 quarterly report to the Foundation gives us this news from Africa: "The Evangelical Bookshop of Lome (Togo) has sold so many of our books that I asked one of my friends who lives in the Congo to go to Lome and inquire if he could. His response has been quite encouraging. He went to Lome and met the black and white members of the Evangelical Movement who sponsor the bookshop. He was most welcome. The group was very flattered to see a man come specifically to meet them about the book they love, and several of them really opened their hearts."


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