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April 15, 1967

The Urantia Brotherhood School has begun its second session for the 1966-67 year. Nine two-hour seminar sessions are scheduled beginning Wed., March 29 at 7:30 PM. These sessions will be held then on successive Wednesday nights. We plan to study mortal life on evolutionary planets, including Paper 49, The Inhabited Worlds; Paper 52, Planetary Mortal Epochs; and Paper 55, The Spheres of Light and Life. This will be quite a contrast to our study of the Foreword that consumed all of our first session last Fall, but it was the general consensus that this study of evolutionary life has not been emphasized for some years and would, therefore, be very suitable for rather intense study. All who possibly can attend are invited.

The second Triennial Delegate Assembly will convene on next August 4 & 5, and the Triennial Meeting of the General Council of the Urantia Brotherhood will be held on Sunday, August 6. The Assembly will be called to order at 10 a.m. on Friday the 4th. The meeting will open with words of welcome from the Urantia Brotherhood President, followed by a keynote address. Then the delegates will meet, hear reports, and select twelve Councilors. While the Assembly will not be open to the general public, we will welcome, as observers, any and all members of the Urantia Brotherhood. This will include members of Urantia Societies, as well as all members-at-large.

The Program Committee is working toward developing several interesting sessions for those who will not be involved in the business of the Assembly. At present, the plans for our program for these two days are only tentative, but a detailed program will be included with our July Bulletin.

An easy way to make a contribution to the second printing of the Urantia Book (now under way) and to give yourself a very helpful aid in studying it, is to send for a copy of Clyde Bedell's "Personal List of References to the Urantia Book." Those who already have copies of this 98-page book of about 11,000 references have found it very useful in locating sentences and phrases. But more than that, this becomes the basis for adding your own personal references. Although the work of compiling and typing the book was Mr. Bedell's responsibility, Robert Burton played a large part in its publication with his encouragement and very generous financial assistance. The price of the book is $5.00 and every cent goes to the Urantia Foundation for the second printing of the Urantia Book.

The Foundation has signed the contract for the second printing and the work is now in progress. It is expected the new book will be delivered late this year, probably the last of November or early December. As some of you know, Mr. Weiss is also in the process of printing the second edition of the French translation.

The Executive Committee at its last meeting approved an application for membership-at-large from Sidney Gordon Budnick of Sacramento, California.

We quote an excerpt from a letter recently received from one of our readers: "How does one say 'Thank you' for having known your book. To think that I might have missed the greatest thing that ever happened to me ... And to think that I toted that book all over the country before I so much as opened it ten years later. And if I read it a hundred times, it still won't be enough, for I find out something new each time I open it. Anyway, Thank you! It's the greatest!"


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