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Jan. 23, 1967

The number of Urantia Books in English distributed in 1966 was 719, which includes sales and gift books -- 127 more than in 1965. This makes a total of about 8,070 books abroad in the world at this time.

In his December 31, 1966, report to the Urantia Foundation, M. Jacques Weiss states: "Although the sales of the Cosmogonie d'Urantia have reached 196 sets during the last quarter, this new record does not truly represent the situation as several dozen books had been sold by booksellers during the summer but reported and paid during the present quarter."

Mr. Weiss has sold all of the first edition and has repatriated 500 from Chicago to keep him supplied while he is printing the second edition. Says he: "The teachings are slowly taking roots among the French-speaking people. The spreading of the teachings remains a daily adventure."

The new officers for the First Urantia Society of Oklahoma were elected at their annual meeting on Dec. 13, 1966, namely: President, Charlene Morrow; Vice-President, Frankie B. Goodman; Secretary, B. Tolentino; Treasurer, Marjorie Sawyer.

The following have become approved members-at-large: Peter Sarfaty, New York City, and Lowell H. Pearson, Metairie, Louisiana.

On March 29 the Urantia Brotherhood School will resume its seminar every Wednesday night at 7:30 for 9 weeks. The subject for discussion at these sessions will be planetary types and planetary epochs. These meetings are open to everyone interested.

We have received from Clyde Bedell, one of our long-time members, a supply of books entitled "Clyde Bedell's Personal List of References to the Urantia Book." This small book of 97 pages contains some 11,000 entries and is his personal index to the Urantia Book. It is strictly unofficial and he says these listings represent a labor of love on his part. Perhaps this partial listing will be helpful until the official index is printed sometime in the future.

We are very grateful to Mr. Bedell for this generous gift. The story of how and why this list was published is told in the frontispiece. He has asked that the proceeds from the sale of these books be added to the Foundation fund for the second printing of the Urantia Book and for that reason he has set the price at $5.00. If you wish to purchase one of these, please make checks payable to the Urantia Foundation.


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