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October 22, 1966

The General Council held its annual meeting on August 7, 1966, at 533 Diversey Parkway. Reports from chairmen of the various committees reveal the following activities:

Charter Committee has been occupied in the preparation of packets of information for the use of groups wishing to start a society. Domestic Extension Committee has devised a system for inviting contact. with the Brotherhood by those who purchase Urantia Books. A letter and a return card in an envelope is attached to the books mailed to individuals. A number of replies have been received and these individuals have been contacted and added to the mailing list. Several more libraries have been given books and several have ordered them. Committee on Education reported the third extension course conducted by the Brotherhood School in Los Angeles during the past year; also that the Brotherhood School in Chicago would be conducted differently during 1966 and 1967--that is, instead of regular courses for credit, a program of seminars is planed in which various topics of the Urantia Book will be studied and discussed. Foreign Extension Committee is making an effort to place the book in the Protestant libraries in Germany, England, and Africa. Publications Committee reported the mailing list is growing (by request only) and is now over 750. Custodians reported distribution of books in 1965 to be 594. Up to this mailing in 1966 distribution has reached 512.

Miss Christensen, President, closed her report to the General Council with a quota-tion, "And no matter what blunders your fellowmen make in their world management of today, in an age to come the gospel which I declare to you will rule this very world." (Page 1608)

Six amendments to the Constitution were passed by the Council, and the meeting closed with the election of new Council members, chairmen and members of the Departmental Committees. The new roster of officers and committees is enclosed with this bulletin.

In his quarterly report, ending Sept. 30, 1966, Mr. Jacques Weiss tells us that sales are increasing markedly for LA COSMOGNONIE DE Urantia. He says the market has been opened in Morocco with the sale of six sets to the greatest book and press sellers in Casablanca. In Lome, capital of the Togo (Black Africa) the Evangelical Bookshop has sent three successive orders for 10 volumes each. The book has been propagandized by one of the Christian Missions operating there. In Luxembourg a young man has become so deeply interested he intends to take responsibility for a Urantia center in that country. Mr. Weiss says, He made a special trip to Switzerland in order to spend three days with him during his vacation to consolidate his faith and hope.''

The following have become approved members at large; Mrs. Irene Sprunger, Fort Wayne, Indiana; Mrs. Helena Wall, Noroton, Connecticut, and Anthony Tamburello, New York City.

New officers of The First Urantia Society of Los Angeles, California, are: President, Ward Culbertson; Vice President, Julia Fenderson; Treasurer, Kenneth Parke, and Secretary, Pauline Parke.

The following is a brief summary of the report of Dean Alvin Kulieke on his session in Los Angeles this summer:

"Our experience in teaching the Astronomy section of 'Science in the Urantia Book' in Los Angeles started with a pleasant flight of the five of us from Chicago to Los Angeles, where we were met by Dick Ziglar and Ward Culbertson. The following evening we held our first three-hour session, and thereafter, for the next three weeks, met on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. The attendance ranged between twenty-five and thirty, though only eight people took the course for credit.

"We started by reviewing secular astronomy with a summary of the recent discoveries and theories by astronomers. The remaining five sessions consisted of discussions of cosmography and astronomy as it relates to the various aspects or segments of the superuniverses.

"A number of additional meetings, some with more of a purely social flavor, added to the enjoyment of the whole experience. Several inter-esting contacts and conferences with some individuals active in Urantia work on the West Coast were arranged, largely through our field repre-sentative, Julia Fenderson.

"Our stay in the beautiful home of Wally Ziglar, in the hills, whence we could 'look down upon' Hollywood, the many fascinating trips around the Los Angeles area and as far north as Sequoia Park, the hours spent with the friendly people of the Los Angeles Society, and the pleasure of studying and discussing many of the wonderful revelations in the Urantia Book, all combined to make our brief visit to California a thoroughly delightful interlude.

"It is my hope that more extension courses might be given in Los Angeles and also in other cities where there may be a desire for them."

Some time ago one of our members gave a Urantia Book to a young Indian guide in Bombay. His older brother has now written as follows:

"The thing which has prompted me to write to you is to convey my eternal gratitude to you for having put the Urantia Book in possession of Brij ... I feel that though no human being can fully appreciate and digest its contents, still it opens the eyes to the eternal truth and one cannot remain unaffected by the impact it makes deep in the soul. The Urantia Foundation Trust be thanked for this unique task of bringing- out a volume of such high order. Even in our own mother tongue do not have anything so illuminating. I therefore take this opportunity to thank you and assure you that your gesture in spreading the light of truth has not gone in vain. I assure you that the knowledge so gathered would be well utilized and communicated to others."


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