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April 15, 1970

The third Triennial Delegate Assembly will convene on next July 31 and August 1, and the Triennial Meeting of the General Council of the Urantia Brotherhood will be held on Sunday, August 2. The Assembly will be called to order at 10 a.m. on Friday, July 31. The meeting will open with words of welcome from the Vice President, followed by the President's keynote address. Then the delegates will meet, hear reports, and select twelve Councilors. While the Assembly will not be open to the general public, we will welcome, as observers, any and all members of the Urantia Brotherhood. This will include members of the Urantia Societies, as well as all members-at-large.

The Program Committee is working toward developing several interesting sessions for those who will not be involved in the business of the Assembly. At present, the plans for our program for these two days are only tentative, but a detailed program will be included with our July Bulletin.

On Thursday, April 2, the Urantia Brotherhood School began its spring seminar. There will be nine sessions, one every Thursday night at 7:30, instead of Wednesday night as formerly. The subject being discussed is the Races of Man. There is no credit given for these courses but they are very instructive and interesting. Everyone is welcome; maybe some of you who could not come on Wednesday night can now come on Thursday night.

At the suggestion of one of our interested Urantia Book readers, we have prepared an up-to-date list of U.S. libraries where we believe there is at least one Urantia Book. We have presented many books as gifts, quite a few individuals have placed books in their favorite libraries, and a few libraries are buying the books on their own initiative. We have heard of cases where libraries have failed to put the book on the shelves and we have been told of other places where the book has been stolen, so we cannot vouch for the complete accuracy of this list. Also the book has probably been placed in other libraries by individuals who have not notified us. If you want a copy of this list, please write.

The sale of the Urantia Book is increasing at a rapid pace. Almost twice as many have been sold in the first 3 months as in the same period last year.

We are happy to greet two more members-at-large; Mrs. Joyce Lapham, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Mr. Paul Snider, Englishtown, New Jersey.

Plans are in progress to install a new Urantia Society at Wenatchee, Washington on June 7. Mrs. Mary Lou Hales, Chairman of our Charter Committee, and four or five others from the Urantia headquarters will travel to Wenatchee for this occasion.

Mr. Weiss reports that he has sold 92 sets of the French edition during the past quarter. He is receiving some very interesting mail from readers, and we quote from one letter: "The more I read the book, the more I feel respect for its courageous translator. Thanks for having given us this reserve of bread to eat, for it will take me time to assimilate. But I know if I do not understand and accept everything now, and if it is God's will that some day I understand more, then I shall understand. When I hesitate, I cling firmly to the personality of Jesus, like young Mark to his basket."


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