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Jan. 19, 1970

Those of you who have been watching the yearly sales of the Urantia Book in the January Bulletin from year to year, will be delighted, as we are in the shipping department, to see that the 1969 sales more than doubled 1968. Now, we look forward to 1970 sales -- will they double or triple 1969? In 1968 1,400 books were disseminated; in 1969 2,811 were shipped. Eight of these were sent as gifts: 1 to a minister, 3 to libraries in Florida, 1 to the Public Library in Helsinki, Finland, 1 to Defiance College, Defiance, Ohio, and 2 to the Oak Park Public Library in Oak Park, Illinois. Incidentally 130 Urantia Books have been purchased and shipped to the Finnish Urantia Study Group in Helsinki. It could be those students in Helsinki will be the first to form an overseas Urantia Society. Of course, books are being shipped to most every state, but a great number are going to California and Hawaii.

On November 1, 1969 Mrs. Mary Lou Hales, Chairman, and other members of the Charter Committee of Urantia Brotherhood, had the very pleasant and rewarding privilege of installing the First Urantia Society of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Fourteen founding members of Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger's study group took the pledge of dedication and signed the membership book. Miss E. L. Christensen, Vice President of Urantia Brotherhood, then presented Charter No. 8 to Dr. Sprunger. Following this, thirteen charter members were taken into the society. After the completion of this program Dr. Sprunger called on Alvin L. Kulieke, President of Urantia Brotherhood, who gave an inspiring talk to the new society about the purposes and aims of Urantia Brotherhood and its relationship to established societies. Following this, a delicious dinner was served to members and guests. There were nineteen present from the First Urantia Society and five from the Orvonton Urantia Society. Everyone enjoyed meeting the members of this fine new group in Fort Wayne. We extend congratulations and sincere good wishes to them as they join all of us in the work of the Brotherhood.

Since there are those who are not able to join a society, we are always glad to approve and welcome members-at-large, and we now have two more to record: Richard E. Keeler of New York City, and Georgia Gecht of Los Angeles, California.

Pledges and contributions have been coming in. We thank you very much. Perhaps some of you may have overlooked a pledge or contribution due to the holiday season. If so, we shall be glad to hear from you, as we try very hard to meet our budget.

On March 25 the Urantia Brotherhood School will begin its spring seminar--a session held every Wednesday night from 7:30 to 9:30 for nine weeks. The subject for this seminar will be the Races of Men. There is no credit received for these courses, but they are very instructive and are open to everyone interested.

Jesus said "Follow me." Then he proceeded to live his life in accordance with the Father's will therein revealing his most striking characteristic--his intimacy with his Father in Heaven. He had a natural, seemingly unbroken spiritual relationship with God--he talked with Him--he prayed. He stressed the fact that his Father was also our Father.


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