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Jan. 22, 1969

Statement of Income and Expenses of Urantia Brotherhood Corporation for year ended December 31, 1968, is attached.

During 1968 the number of Urantia Books sold (including those that were presented to libraries as gifts) was 1,398 -- 292 more than in 1967. The books given last year were to the following libraries: University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.; Oklahoma City Library, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Wisconsin State University, Superior, Wis.; Wauconda Public Library, Wauconda, Wis.; San Diego Public Library, San Diego, Calif.; Montrose Public Library, Montrose, Calif.; Madison Public Library, Madison, Wis.; Glendale Public Library, Glendale, Calif.

As far as we can ascertain from our records, 266 Urantia Books have been sent to libraries in the United States, either as a gift or purchase; and 104 have been sent to libraries in foreign countries, as a gift or purchase.

Many people have reported to us that they have inquired about the Urantia Book in various libraries, and have been told that the book is always "out." Another interesting fact noticed in shipping orders is that an order is received from a certain vicinity, and in a few days or weeks another or several orders will come from a book store, or an individual, from that same vicinity. One book store wrote that it was having a "play" for the Urantia Book.

During the last quarter of 1968 100 sets of the French translation have been sold, mostly in France, but also in other French-speaking countries. After seven years the Urantia Book slowly begins to be known among the French-speaking, spiritually-minded people.

The Committee on Education has announced that a summer study session will be held again this year. This will be the fourth summer study session. The anticipated dates are August 1 and 2. The program theme will be the Sermons of Jesus. Leaders have not been decided upon but details will follow in later bulletins. These sessions as usual will be open to anyone interested in the Urantia Book.

The annual meeting of the General Council of the Urantia Brotherhood will probably be held Sunday, August 3 at 10 a.m. Formal notification will be given to council members.

On March 26 the Urantia Brotherhood School will resume its seminar every Wednesday night at 7:30 for 9 weeks. The Sermons of Jesus will be studied. No academic credit is given for this course but plenty of time is given for discussion and learning. Everybody is welcome, so if you find yourself in Chicago on a Wednesday night please come.

"Be not discouraged; human evolution is still in progress, and the revelation of God to the world, in and through Jesus, shall not fail."


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