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August 14, 1973

Attached is roster of the General Council, officers, and committees of the Urantia Brotherhood, including the newly elected members.

The fourth Triennial Delegate Assembly was held on August 3 and 4, at 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, Illinois. All societies were represented by their respective delegates and alternates as follows:


First Urantia Society Kenton Stephens: Alt -Martin Myers
First Urantia Society of Los Angeles Scott Forsythe: Alt -Patrick McNelly
Urantia Society of Glenview Burton Harris: Alt -Bernard Burton
First Urantia Society of Oklahoma Berkeley Elliott: Alt -John Lange
Orvonton Urantia Society of Chicago Frank Sagarglino (Abs):Alt -Alfred Leverenz
First Urantia Society of Ft. Wayne,Ind. Meredith Sprunger: Alt -K. David Schlundt
First Urantia Society of Wenatchee Lewis A. Clark: Alt -Janice Goben (Abs.)
First Urantia Society of Houston W. Allen Brazell: Alt -Adrienne Kelley(Abs.)

At 10 A.M. Friday the Assembly convened. Miss E. L. Christensen, President, gave the welcome address, and James C. Mills, Vice President, gave the keynote speech. Very interesting reports from the officers, departmental committees, and field representatives were given. In the afternoon while the nomination and resolution committees were in session, about 65 persons had the privilege of listening to talks by various members. Friday night a lovely reception was held in Christy's home.

On Saturday Councilors were elected, resolutions considered, and reports from Societies were read. After adjournment, the guest speaker, Vern B. Grimsley, President of the Family of God Foundation, Inc., an international radio broadcaster, inspired the audience with a very special message.

Upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee and approval of the General Council, at the Triennial Delegate Assembly the following honors were bestowed:

Miss E. L. Christensen was presented THE VAN AWARD in the form of a beautiful plaque inscribed with the words: "In honor of her many years of devoted and distinguished service in behalf of the Urantia movement.''

Miss Edith E. Cook, Alvin L. Kulieke, posthumously, Mrs. Anna Rawson, Miss Marian T. Rowley, and Mrs. Leone M. Sadler were presented CITATIONS, also in the form of plaques, inscribed with the words: "For many years of faithful service in furthering the cause of the Urantia movement.''

Under the direction and inspiration of Chairman Julia K. Fenderson, with the hard work and dedicated service of the many members of the First Urantia Society of Los Angeles, the First Western Urantia Conference was held in the Brentwood School, Los Angeles, owned by Walter Ziglar, on June 29 through July 1. The theme of the conference was The Urantia Book and Spiritual Development.

About 160 Urantians from 13 states, including Hawaii, also Canada, enjoyed the beauti-ful and extremely well organized program, as well as the several social interludes on the lovely patio. The interesting, timely, well selected topics and the excellence of delivery by the speakers was most outstanding. The interspersion of music, com-prised of talent from FUSLA, between the formal sessions made the conference more en-joyable. Buffy Sainte-Marie, singer and television personality, (also very interested in the Urantia Book) entertained the group in a delightful evening of song.

Many reports have been received at Chicago expressing the amazing success of this con-ference, and containing such expressions as: "truly inspiring experience" - "there was a feeling of warm fellowship, and a real desire to foster the teachings of the Urantia Book" - "it gave me some insight into the possibilities of a sublimely motivated brotherhood" - "I have never been with a more loving group of people" - "what a supernal conference" - "there was a spirit of tolerance and understanding and brotherly love there which must have pleased everyone from the midwayers on up" -"I have been back in Chicago for over a week but the wonderful memories of the First: Western Urantia Conference are still very fresh in my mind.''

At its meeting of May 12, 1973, the Urantia Foundation accepted with regret the resig-nation of its long-time President, William M. Hales. Mr. Hales was elected Trustee Emeritus. Thomas A. Kendall was elected President of the Foundation and Martin W. Myers was elected Trustee. All the Trustees are elected for life. The other Trustees are Kenton E. Stephens, James C. Mills, Edith E. Cook, and E. L. Christensen, Trustee Emeritus.

The following societies have newly elected officers and they are as follows:

Urantia Society of Glenview: President - Mrs. Gloriann Harris; Vice President Burton Harris; Secretary - Mrs. Donna Rowley; Treasurer - Harry Rowley. First Urantia Society: President - Mrs. Katharine J. Harries; Vice President Arthur C. Born; Secretary - Miss Lynne B. Kulieke; Treasurer - Mrs. Helen Carlson. Orvonton Urantia Society of Chicago: President - Mrs. Linda Buselli; Vice President -Budd Blume; Secretary - Mrs. Mary Sgarglino; Treasurer - Robert Buselli. First Urantia Society of Wenatchee: President - Lewis A. Clark; Vice President -Mrs. Ruby A. Garrison; Secretary - Ernest Mehl; Treasurer - Ernest Mehl.

Custodians of the Urantia Book report that the 4th printing of 25,000 Urantia Books is off the press--perfect timing, since less than 200 books are left from the third printing. As of Aug. 1, 1973, there are 33,480 Urantia Books somewhere on the planet!

The price of Clyde Bedell's Concordex of the Urantia Book has increased to $10 and the postage in the United States is 32 cents. You can still order the "Artist's Conception of the Master Universe" at $1.

Jesus' birthday will be celebrated on Tuesday, August 21, 1973, at 8:00 P.M. at 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago. Everybody is welcome.


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