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Feb. 18, 1973

Newly elected officers of societies have been reported as follows:

Urantia Society of Oklahoma: President - John L. Lange; Vice President - Lynn Frame; Secretary - Mrs. Charlene Morrow; Treasurer - Miss Berkeley Elliott.

First Urantia Society of Fort Wayne: President - Meredith J. Sprunger; Vice President - K. David Schlundt; Secretary - Mrs. Mary Lous Kurtz; Treasurer - Mrs. Irene L. Sprunger.

Because of the death of Alvin L. Kulieke, President of the Urantia Brotherhood, and teacher, the spring seminar will be discontinued. These classes may be scheduled later and you will be advised of the date.

Sales of the Urantia Book averaged about 510 per month during 1972 -- total for the year was 6,139 - 223 more than in 1971. Over 30,000 have been sold or otherwise disseminated since publication. The fourth printing is now in process.

Excerpts from letters received recently:

Mento, Ohio -- "Though I do not profess to be so completely intelligent as to absorb the book's entirety, its essence is so positive, that I lay claim to at least partial understanding of Parts 1 and 2. By accepting the fact that man cannot comprehend all that is happening around and to him, there is at least a joy in finding the universes and beyond so spectacular, so profound, yet so friendly and filled with love."

Qualicum Beach, B.C., Canada -- "Thank you for whatever you have done to make the Urantia Book a reality. After searching all my life in the philosophies and religions of men for validation of my own ongoing experiences. I felt a tremendous sense of relief; of home-coming, when I got into this marvelous book."

It is with deep regret that we inform you of the death of Alvin L. Kulieke, president of the Urantia Brotherhood, which occurred on January 14, 1973. He was serving his sixth year as president of the Brotherhood. For many years he has worked in our organization as teacher, counselor, administrator, and friend. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him in our organization and by his family.

"You humans have begun an endless unfolding of an almost infinite panorama, a limitless expanding of never-ending, ever-widening spheres of opportunity for exhilarating service, matchless adventure, sublime uncertainty, and boundless attainment. When the clouds gather overhead, your faith should accept the fact of the presence of the indwelling Adjuster, and thus you should be able to look beyond the mists of mortal uncertainty into the clear shining of the sun of eternal righteousness on the beckoning heights of the mansion worlds of Satania." p. 1104


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