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April 28, 1972

Four of our societies have held their annual meetings with election of officers as follows:

Urantia Society of Glenview: President - Bernard Burton; Vice President -Burton Harris; Secretary - Donna Rowley; Treasurer - Harry Rowley.

First Urantia Society of Fort Wlyne, Indiana: President - Meredith J. Sprunger; Vice President - K. David Schlundt; Secretary Mary Lou Kurtz; Treasurer -Irene L. Sprunger.

First Urantia Societv of Oklahoma: President D. L. Cook; Vice President -E. E. Finefrock, Jr.; Secretary - Joyce Finefrock; Treasurer - Frankie B. Goodman.

First Urantia Society of Houston: President - Robert C. Ewing; Vice President -W. Allen Brazell; Secretary --Adrienne A. Kelley; Treasurer - Henry Walla.

Book sales are increasing so rapidly that it is becoming more difficult to keep up with them, since those who handle all of the bookkeeping and shipping also hold full-time outside jobs. Most of the books are now going to bookstores, even though we have done no advertising or promotion. They are being sent all over the United States, with a few to other countries - Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, England, Ireland, Australia, Finland, Mexico, and many to Canada. Most of the orders range from one to ten. A few of the larger outlets order more than ten at a time. Our largest outlet is a distributor on the West Coast who sells both to stores and to individuals. This distributor has or-dered over 2,000 books and the orders are getting larger.

We are receiving many orders from colleges and universities, both for their libraries and for their bookstores for resale. This seems to indicate that a great many young people are reading the Urantia Book. We are continuing to send gift books occasionally to both public and college libraries, and in some cases a library has bought extra copies.

It is interesting to note that quite a number of Urantia Books are being sent to prisons, both local and federal. Some of them are going to the prison lib-raries, but some are being ordered by the prison for specific prisoners. Leaven-worth, in particular, has sent a number of orders for their men. Some of the letters we receive indicate that several men are studying the book together.

We heard recently that a college student in a speech class was asked to read a passage from a book of his own selection. He chose a passage from the Urantia Book about primitive woman. The professor and the class were so im-pressed that he had to read the whole paper!

Excerpts from letters received at headquarters:

"There are no words to express how important a value I place on these Urantia Papers ... I thank God for this precious gift. The beauty of the message, the excellence of the wording, its high intent never ceases to inspire me. I can't convey my joy on being able to identify that silent, small voice within that on rare occasions gently admonished and urged me to strive for greater spiritual value levels.''

"Having procured a copy of the Urantia Book at long last, my curiosity is stimulated beyond my ability to reasonably cope; this, coupled with an unmistakable feeling of essential truth connected with the book and you, leads me to this inquiry and request for further information concerning your organization, and facilities for further study.''

"This weekend I had the great fortune of being introduced to your book. I have, therefore, searched in local bookshops to no avail. Would you please rush me a copy of the Urantia Book immediately? I would also appreciate any information about the Urantia Foundation, its administration, economic situation, etc. I believe this to be a phenomenal thing, and am very anxious to learn more.''

"I still find time to read and study the Urantia Book. But then that's not what I call hard to do, it's more like hearing sung a melody so pure and sweet, that it causes the deepest part of me to smile.''

"In my search for the ultimate reality, I have begun Urantia and feel that I am finally home.''

"Some time ago, in my first experience of 'spirit leading,' I was led to the Urantia Book in a bookstore in Berkeley. I'd never seen or heard of the book before, but went into the store as if I knew what I was doing, picked it right out of the book shelf as if I knew it was there, and took it to the clerk to pay for it as if I bought $20.00 books customarily .... This book could provide the material to heal some of our social fragmentations. This is a wonderful book. It is pure gold...reading it is like bathing in pure light.''

Many people have found Clyde Bedell's Concordex of the Urantia Book very help-ful in their study of the book. The price is $8.50 and the postage in the United States is 28 cents. Copies are sent promptly on receipt of checks. There is also a good supply of "An Artist's Conception of the Master Universe." The price of this is $1.00.

"And it is not so much what mind comprehends as what mind desires to comprehend that insures survival; it is not so much what mind is like as what mind is striving to be like that constitutes spirit identification. It is not so much that man is conscious of God as that man yearns for God that results in universe ascension. What you are today is not so important as what you are becoming day by day and in eternity." p. 1216-17.


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