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Oct. 21, 1971

Through this bulletin we wish to advise the members of the Urantia Brotherhood and all others who are interested as to our progress in disseminating The Urantia Book. The sale of The Urantia Book is increasing rapidly, many more books having been shipped so far in 1971 than during the whole year of 1970. Societies are being installed, and study groups are being organized. Please send us any news that might be of interest to others with regard to the spread of the teachings of The Urantia Book.

The Urantia Brotherhood School started its fall seminar on October 6. These sessions are conducted by Dean Alvin Kulieke, and are held every Wednesday night at 7:30 at 533 Diversey Parkway, and will be continued for nine weeks. The papers which are being discussed are Paper 12 -- The Universe of Universes; Paper 13 -- Sacred Spheres of Paradise; and Paper 14 -- Central and Divine Universe. No academic credit is given but the discussions are very interesting. Everybody is welcome, so please come and take advantage of this program.

As most of you know, the retail price of the Urantia Book was increased to $20.00 on Mar. 1, 1971. We would appreciate it if you would advise your friends or anybody you might know who is interested.

The Concordex to The Urantia Book is still available for $8.50 plus .28 postage. Those who are using it say it is extremely helpful in their study of the Book.

Also, the Urantia Foundation folder, entitled "An Artist's Conception of the Master Universe" can be had for $1.00. This folder contains four colored maps of the Universe plus descriptive texts and pertinent quotations from The Urantia Book.

The General Council meeting in August reflected the realization on the part of all present that the activities of the various components of Urantia Brotherhood have increased greatly and that the spread of the teachings continues to accelerate. It was also apparent that we will see much greater activity as we move forward into the months and years ahead. Sometime in the future we are told the world will be ready for these supernal teachings. Most of us now promoting the teachings of The Urantia Book will not live to see general acceptance of this Fifth Epochal Revelation. It has taken our celestial administrators and overseers almost twenty centuries to determine that conditions on Urantia were approaching the period when the world would be ready -- hungry -- for a restatement of Jesus' life and teachings. This revelation was given to us to be effective for the next 500 to 1,000 years. It was not intended to produce a sudden spurt in the development of the religious concepts on the planet. Rather, it is an epochal revelation -- with a long-range purpose and destined to become a part of the natural evolution of religion on Urantia as part of the Post-bestowal Son dispensation.

We will not be able to judge the effectiveness of this Fifth Epochal revelation, but we can do much to promote its dissemination and to live lives inspired by these teachings that will attract many to these teachings. Each of us could speculate as to the impact of the Urantia Book upon the direction of progress on Urantia -- what will happen in the next 20 years, the next hundred years and beyond. But not even the authors of these papers will predict the future of this final bestowal world of Michael, wherein the author of the Fourth Epochal revelation is now its Planetary Prince, and the inaugurator of the Third Epochal revelation is vicegerent Planetary Prince. We believe we can be sure that the Fifth Epochal revelation, The Urantia Book, is not associated with a new dispensation, but is part of the Post-Bestowal Son dispensation. We are told that this dispensation may extend from ten thousand to 100,000 years. Whatever sequence of dispensations follow on this confused and disordered, yet fortunate, world this revelation must be destined to accelerate the development of the planet, first toward the normal accomplishments of the Post-Bestowal Son Age, and then move it closer to the dispensation of the Trinity Teacher Sons which prepares a planet for the age of Light and Life. Somewhere during this time Michael will return to Urantia and new and unexpected events will take place. In the meantime we can be comforted, reassured, and inspired by these words spoken near the end of Jesus' life associated with his first advent:

"The Father sent me into this world, but only a few of you have chosen fully to receive me. I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, but all men will not choose to receive this new teacher as the guide and counselor of the soul. But as many as do receive him shall be enlightened, cleansed, and comforted. And this Spirit of Truth will become in them a well of living water springing up into eternal life.

"And now, as I am about to leave you, I would speak words of comfort. Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I make these gifts not as the world gives -- by measure -- I give each of you all you will receive. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be fearful. I have overcome the world, and in me you shall all triumph through faith." P. 1954


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