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October 25, 1969

Enclosed with this Bulletin is a sheet listing the General Councilors, officers, and committee members of the Urantia Brotherhood. Since the sheet was printed, the untimely death of Edgar T. Stephens has caused some vacancies for which appointments have been made. Kenton E. Stephens has been appointed Chairman of the Committee on Education and Miss E. L. Christensen has been added to that committee as a new member. Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger replaces Mr. Stephens as a member of the Judicial Committee.

The Fourth Summer Study Session, conducted by the Urantia Brotherhood School, was held in Chicago at Brotherhood headquarters August 1 and 2. The theme was "Sermons and Discourses of Jesus." Approximately one hundred people from sixteen states and three foreign countries attended.

There were three sessions each day with a general question and answer discussion period at the close of the first day, and a social gathering at the conclusion of the conference the evening of August 2. It was gratifying to greet a number of people who attended for the first time and encouraging to realize the sincere interest and devotion to the teaching of Jesus as revealed in the four gospels and especially in the Urantia Book. We were pleased to note that a fair proportion of the group, who were somewhat new to the Urantia teachings, were eager to learn and to cooperate with those who had more experience with these teachings and had responsibilities for certain aspects of the Urantia work and projects.

Our thanks go to the Committee of Education, which planned and conducted the study session, and to Christy for her welcoming address; to Alvin Kulieke, Kenton Stephens, Anna Rawson, James Mills, and Ruth Burton, all of whom presented the sermons and discourses, and to Vern Grimsley for his inspiring closing message.

Because of the Triennial Delegate Assembly scheduled for next summer, we anticipate that our next Summer Study Session will take place in August, 1971.

The Urantia Brotherhood School started its 9-week fall seminar session October 1. These classes are held on Wednesday nights at 7:30 and are conducted by Dean Alvin Kulieke. The topic for this season is the "Sermons of Jesus." We have just finished the Urmia lectures, and are now studying the "Ordination Sermon." In the remaining six classes we will study the various other sermons of Jesus. Mr. Kulieke does an excellent job in presenting these sermons in a most meaningful manner, and provokes many questions and much discussion. We are sorry that it is not possible for more of you to attend these sessions.

The following societies have reported the election of new officers: First Urantia Society of Los Angeles: Hoite C. Caston, President; Robert Steen, Vice President; Mrs. Julia K. Fenderson, Secretary; and Mrs. Helen Steen, Treasurer. Urantia Society of Glenview: Burton Harris, President; Bernard Burton, Vice President; Harry E. Rowley, Secretary; and Mrs. Donna Rowley, Treasurer.

The application for a charter for a new Urantia Society has been approved, namely the First Urantia Society of Fort Wayne, Indiana. This society will have 14 founders and its ceremonial installation will be held on November 1, 1969.

October 12, 1969, marked the 14th anniversary of the receipt of the first edition of the Urantia Book at Urantia headquarters at 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago. This first shipment arrived in Chicago in the morning of October 12, 1955. For those who were here to see these books unloaded and placed in the store room, it was indeed a most exciting day! Pictures were taken and are in the files. In the first few days Urantia Books were shipped by the carton, and picked up by individuals on pre-purchase orders. By the end of 1955 nearly 1,700 Urantia Books had been disseminated. Year by year we have watched the monthly sales go up and down, and by the end of 1967, 9,153 Urantia Books were abroad in the world. In the meantime, the second printing of 10,000 books was in process, and on March 1, 1968, the first shipment of the second printing reached headquarters. During the year 1968, the first shipment of the second printing reached headquarters. During the year 1968, 1,400 books were sent out. As of the date of this bulletin 2122 books have been sold for 1969 -- a total of 12,765.

Excerpts from letters from interested readers:

"I am a freshman at --- and found the Urantia Book in the library. My roommate and I are utterly enthralled and fascinated by the most tremendous storehouse of information in our personal realm of experience. Please send me any and all information concerning yourselves and the book."

"Our daughter and son-in-law are SO enthusiastic about your Urantia Book that we have decided we would like to have one also. They tell us the cost of $15.00 so we are enclosing our check in that amount."

"After four years study of the Urantia Book I grow more grateful every day for the depth and width of understanding it provides; the enlightening picture it gives of Deity and the cosmos becomes more magnificent and meaningful all the time. To all people who are in search of truth it must be invaluable. I feel that in time it will become a guiding light to the world and I would like to give thanks to all the people who have been instrumental in its publication. I want to help in every way I can, well knowing the cost could be unlimited, but when I consider the value that the book could be to the peple of this planet who are seeking truth, and, of course to future generations, I believe no cost can be too high."


"Some men's lives are too great and noble to descend to the low level of being merely successful. The animal must adapt itself to the environment, but the religious man transcends his environment and in this way escapes the limitations of the present material world through this insight of divine love. This concept of love generates in the soul of man that superanimal effort to find truth, berauty, and goodness; and when he does find them, he is glorified in their embrace; he is consumed with the desire to live them, to do righteousness."

"Be not discouraged; human evolution is still in progress, and the revelation of God to the world, in and through Jesus, shall not fail." (P. 2096-7)


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