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April 26, 1965

As we announced in the last Bulletin, we are planning to have another three-day Summer Study Session early in August. It will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, August 6, 7, and 8. The main theme of the session will be "The Morontia Life." The program is tentatively planned as follows:

Friday, 8/6

Morning - Welcome - Miss Christensen, President, Urantia Brotherhood - Orientation - Alvin Kulieke - Urantia Symphony - Alvin Kulieke Afternoon - Personality Survival - Kenton Stephens Evening - Open Discussion - Panel - Questions to be submitted in writing in advance.

Saturday, 8/7

Morning - Life on the Mansion Worlds - Marian Rowley Afternoon - Constellation and Local Universe - Anna Rawson Evening - Social occasion - Dr. Sadler and Christy, hosts

Sunday, 8/8

Morning - (Closing Session) - Inspirational Talk - Alvin Kulieke

Our intention is to make these meetings informative and inspirational. No credit wil be given for these sessions.

We anticipate welcoming back many who have attended before. We would like also to see many who have never visited Urantia Brotherhood headquarters. We are attaching registration form. If you can make tentative plans now, we would greatly appreciate your sending in the registration form as soon possible, for we have a very real problem of knowing how much space to provide for the meetings. If later on you find that you cannot come, you can, or course, cancel your registration. The registration should be addressed to Marian Rowley, Secretary-General, Urantia Brotherhood, 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, Ill. 60614.

We quote below excerpts from Mrs. Ruth Burton's report of her experience in Los Angeles, California, in conducting the first extension course of the Urantia Brotherhood School:

"It was my great pleasure and privilege to be sent to Los Angeles by the Urantia Brotherhood School to teach a course of 18 hours on the "Urantia Book and the New Testament", which is listed as a minor in the curriculum of the School. My husband Bob and I arrived in California on January 10, 1965, and the classes started promptly on Monday, January 11, at the home of Mrs. Helen Steen in Pasadena."

"Since those who wished to take the course for credit were scattered far and wide, it was necessary to hold three two-hour classes per week in three different locations for the period January 11 to March 13, my husband chauffeured, set up maps, etc., and was generally most helpful in this expansive undertaking."

"Fifteen enrolled in this course for credit and fourteen attended as auditors."

"This Extension School was conducted along the same lines as the School in Chicago, with the same tuitions and examinations as prevail there."

"The Fendersons came to my rescue with desperately-needed and timely support in the duplication of questions and outlines for class discussions. I am also deeply indebted to the Steens, the Culbertsons, Mrs. Gecht and the Neals for the cordial opening of their homes for meetings. They all entertained Bob and me and the students most graciously."

"On Sunday, March 14, a final get-together of all students, families, and guests was held at the home of Mrs. Lenore Eichert in Arcadia, California. This was a most delightful climax to the project."

"I shall always remember, and am most grateful for, this stimulating and rewarding experience."

The annual meeting of the General Council will be held on Sunday, August 8, at 2 P.M. This is a closed meeting - for the 36 General Councilrs only. We hope that all of the Councilors willl also be able to attend the summer study session which precedes the meeting.

Over 8,600 Urantia Books are now in circulation. Organized societies are functioning, and many study groups scattered over the world are working hard looking forward to forming societies. The Urantia Brotherhood School is in session in Chicago, and its text books are available to all students of the Urantia Book.



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