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July 20, 1963

On August 21, 8:00 P.M., at 5333 Diversey parkway, the First Urantia Society of Chicago will celebrate Jesus' birthday. Please come and enjoy it with us.

New officers of societies are as follows:

First Urantia Society: President - Alvin L. Kulieke; Vice President - Mary Inez Burch; Secretary - Jane Dyon; Treasurer - Carleta Wensel.

Urantia Society of Glenview: Preseident - Ann Spink; Vice President - Florence Burton; Secretary - Harry E. Rowley; Treasurer - Donna Rowley.

Orvonton Urantia Society of Chicago: President - James E. Kuzell; Vice President - Robert J. Smatlak; Secretary - Frank Sgaraglino; Treasurer - Martin Myers.

The First Urantia Society of Los Angeles, California: President - Maria Culbertson; Vice President - Helen Steen; Secretary - Julia Fenderson; Treasurer - Winona Jewell.

Registration for Urantia Brotherhood School will be September 18. Graduation wil be held on September 25, at 7:30, and will be followed immediately with the first class. Courses for 1963-1964 - Study of the Books of the New Testament, conducted by Dr. Sadler, and Harmony of the Gospels and the Urantia Book, conducted by Anne Rawson.

We are glad to announce the names of two new Members-at-Large: Mrs. Ethel C. Zanoni, Palo Alto, California, and Mrs. Margaret Sperry, Butler, Missouri.

During 1962 - 697 books were sold. So far in 1963 - 380 have been sold.

Tom Kendall has been elected trustee of the Urantia Foundation to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of R. W. Bucklin.

For the benefit of those who have not yet registered for our summer study session August 23 - 25, we are enclosing the program and registration form again. This 3-day session will cover a very condensed survey of almot the entire Urantia Book, ommitting only a very few of the papers. We are doing our best to make these hours worthwhile for you, but no credits wil be given toward certificates for Certified Leaders and Ordained Teachers. If you have not sent in your registration for the school, we would appreciate your doing so as soon as possible. If later you find that you cannot attend, you may cancel the registration and any fees paid will, of course, be refunded. We are preparing material to be used in the school and it is important that we know in advance how many will be in attendance. Many in the Chicago area have indicated that they will attend, but we must have the registration forms to make an accurate count. Please send in your form now, if possible. It will help us.

James C. Mills Vice President

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