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February 15, 1963

On January 27, 1963, the annual meeting of the General Council of the Urantia Brotherhood was held and reports of the officers and various departmental committees were presented. Activities contained in these reports have been reported to you in prior news letters. Attached are the treasurer's annual report and the new roster of committees. Miss E. L. Christensen was elected President of the Brotherhood to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Warren H. Julieke last February. Miss Christensen has been associated with the Urantia Book for many years and is deeply interested in and devoted to the activities and organization of the Urantia Brotherhood. We are indeed fortunate and gratified that she is willing to accept this responsibility.

Mrk. James C. Mills, who has been acting president for the past year, presented a very enlightening report. Among other things he had this to say:

"...We have been among the first to taste the spiritual fruits of this most gegnerous gift to all mankind from superhuman levels, the revelation of the Urantia Book. And with it goes a great responsibility."

"...As I view the events of the past year during which I functioned as acting president of the Urantia Brotherhood, it has become evident to me that the time has arrived, here and now, when actual events have forced us to come to real grips with material reality and the future management of the Brotherhood must act in accordance with the needs of our real material environment..."

"Let the Brotherhood, its officers and Executive Committee realize that to carry out the stated purposes of the Brotherhood they must operate in a material environment and that a sound fiscal policy is an integral part of this environment. An important part of a sound fiscal policy is long-range planning with clearly understood objectives and planned means to overcome all forseeable problems as well as a subjstantial income-producing reserve which can be used to meet unexpected contingencies."

The First Urantia Society of Oklahoma has elected new officers and they are: President, Miss Berkeley Elliott; Vice-President, Mrs. Helen Butler; Secretary, Mrs. Frankie B. Goodman; Treasurer, Mrs. Faye Brown.

A three-day summer study session, sponsored by the Urantia Brotherthood School, is scheduled to be held on August 23 24, and 25 here at headquarters. Specific programs have not yet been worked out, but they will include a general survey of the Urantia Book. We plan to have morning, afternoon, and evening sessions on Friday, morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday with a social evening, and morning and afternoon sessions on Sunday. The fee will be $10.00 for all seven sessions, or $1.50 per session, if all sessions cannot be attended. More dewtails will be announced in the April News Letter and in later bulletins. These meetings will be open to everyone and we hope that some of our out-of-town friends will be able to attend. We would very much appreciate hearing from you if you are interested in attending. Please write to Miss Marian Rowley, Secretary-General, Urantia Brotherhood, 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago 14, Illinois.

Two very interesting have been brought to our attention in the last month. The first was published in the January 1963 issue of "Theology Today: and is titled "The Space Age and Christology"? by Dr. Charles K. Robinson, Asst. Professor of Philosophical Theology, Duke University Divinity School, Durham, North Carolina. The second was published in the October 21, 1962, issue of "The Living Church", and is titled "Space Theology" by the Rev. Geddes MacGregor, dean of the graduate school of religion at the University of Southern California. Both articles bring out the idea that if there are other inhabited worlds, it is quite likely that there are a great many divine sons, not just our own Jesus, and that there are similar incarnations on every other world. The amazing thing is that these two articles are by ministers, one Methodist and one Presbyterian, and are appearing at about the same time in two reputable theological maazines. It will probably not be long before this idea will be accepted by other theologians, just as the idea of other inhabited worlds has become quite commonly accepted in the last few years. Further publicity was given to the idea of many divine sons when Dave Meade, Chicago Daily News Religion WRiter, wrote a very long, comprehensive review of Dr. Robinson's article in the Daily News of February 2, 1963.

The membership in the Brotherhood has increased from 235 to 237. There are now thirteen members-at-large.

697 books were sold during `962 - 235 more than in 1961. As of the end of 1962 5,451 Urantia Books have been sold or otherwise disseminated throughout the world.

On April 1, 1963, the retail price of the Urantia Book will be increased from $12.00 to $15.00.

Anne Rawson Secretary Urantia Brotherhood

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