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October 25, 1961

On October 11, 1961, at 7:30 P.M. the fourth commencement of the Urantia Brotherhood School was held. An interesting and inspiring ceremony was conducted by Dean Alvin Kulieke. Those taking part in the exercises were Dr. Sadler, Chairman of the Commiittee on Education, Warren H. Kulieke, President of the Urantia Brotherhood, Ruth Burton, Art Burch, and Nola Smith. Music -- a recording of the second movement of Brahms First Sumphony and the Prelude to the first act of Lohengrin -- preceded the ceremony. Dr. Sadler presented a Certified Leader Certificate to Al Dyon and Ordained Teacher Certificates to Art Burch, Inez Burch, Robert Burton, Tom Kendall, and Nola Smith.

Classes started Wednesday, October 18, at 7:30 P.M. Two major courses are being given this year: Science in the Urantia Book, Part II, (Biology and Anthropology) conducted by Alvin Julieke, and History of the Bible -- Old Testament and New Testament, conducted by Dr. Sadler. The new text book "History of the Bible" is now available at a cost of $3.00. Copies of the text books which have been eused in prior classes are still available and are listed as follows: Doctrines I, II, III, IF -- $5.00 each; Short Doctrine -- $3.00; Teaching of Jesus -- $5.50; Worship and Wisdom -- $5.00; Science, Vol. I -- $2.50; Topical Studies, vol. I. -- $5.00.

Visitors continue to come to headquarters and are always welcome. Among the one hundred people who celebrated Jesus' Birthday on August 21 at 533 Diversey Parkway, were Mr. and Mrs. Ward Culbertson of the First Urantia Society of Los Angeles, Mrs. Arlene Brasher of Detroit, Michigan, and Marvin Andrews of Stillwater, Oklahoma. An exceedingly delightful program was presented by Dr. Sadler, Christy, and Ann Rawson, and carried the theme "Jesus' Revelation of the Father."

Other visitors who came during October were Berkeley Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Van Butler, and Minnie May Powell of the Oklahoma Society. Donald Dunn or Kansas City, Missouri, who was on his way to Europe, stopped by to attend a Sunday meeting. He was interested in looking up some of the Urantia Book readers in Europe. Through our geographic index we were able to give him several names, and if he has any interesting reports to make upon his return we shall let you hear abou thtem in our next news letter.

Russell Bucklin has resigned as treasurer of the Urantia Brotherhood and Urantia Brotherhood Corporation, because he is moving to California. Mr. Bucklin has done a fine job as treasurer for several years, and we shall miss him, as well as Mrs. Bucklin, who has been very active in Brotherhood affairs. However, they will continue their interest with the Urantians on the West Coast.

Arthur Born has been appointed to the Charter Committee to replace L. E. Sunderland, who has moved to Florida.

The First Urantia Society of Los Angeles has elected the following officers: President - Marea Culbertson; Vice-President - Helen Steen; Secretary - Julia Fenderson; Treasurer - Winona Jewell.

The more the Brotherhood grows the more we realize how important and thrilling personal contacts are. People love to meet other people who are interested in the Urantia Book, so won't you please lewtr us hear from you when you have visited antoher group of Urantia Book readers, made a personal contact, visited a society, etc.?

Ruth Burton visited the Los Angeles grouop this summer, and had a delightful time in the new home of Julia and Bill Fenderson, Culver City; she had the privilege and thrill of assisting in initiating a new member in the society; she went on to the home of Ray and Rita Singer in Santa Monica and met interested people there. From there she we to oklahoma City, was met by and visited in the home of Berkeley Elliott, where she enjoyed a "lively give and take" discussion of the Urantia Book. Later she went to Albany, New York, wehre she visited with Sophie Hansen, who has been a Urantia Book reader fore many years, has a study group, and is doing a wonderful job of disseminating the Urantia Book. Miss Hansen was glad to see Ruth Burton from headquarters.

Al Leverenz, President of the Orvonton Society, reports that Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger, Field Representative, and Mrs. Sprunger, visited his group in September. They were very pleased to have him visit them and were impressed with his warmth, his friendliness, his casualness - and his knowledge and belief in the Urantia Book. Dr. Sprunger has been invited, and plans to be a guest, of the Urantia Society of Glenview, at the home of Harry Rowley, on October 27. Anyone who would like to attend is certainly welcome.

For your interest enclosed is a copy of the Urantia Brotherhood School brochure which has been recently produced by the Committee on Education. Please note the interesting curriculum.

James C. Mills Vice-President

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