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October 13, 1959

The commencement for the second graduating class of the Urantia Brotherhood School was held on September 23. With the recordings of the second movement of Brahm's First Sumphony and the Prelude to Lohengrin, and inspiring talks by Alvin Kulieke, Dr. William S. Sadler, Jr., and Warren H. Kulieke. The commencement was a most impressive and delightful event. Those receiving their Certified Leader Certificates were Edith Cook, Marjorie Bates, Harry Rowley, Herman Schell, Grace Stephens, and Helen Thurman.

Also another highlight of the graduation exercises was the presentation of a citation from the Executive Committee of the Urantia Brotherhood to Miss E. L. Christensen honoring her for her many years of faithful service in furthering the cause of the Urantia Book; along with the honorary degree of Ordained Teacher.

The Urantia Brotherhood School started on September 23, 1959, with an enrollment of 21 students and 24 auditors. The courses for this semester are "Worship and Wisdom" (minor) conducted by Dr. William S. Sadler, Jr., and Science in the Urantia Book; a secular (major) conducted by Alvin Kulieke. Here is a list of the text books which are used in the Urantia Brotherhood School and are available to those who are interested:

Doctrine of Theology - Volumes I, II, III, IV, at $5.00 each.
Teachings of Jesus - $5.50
Worship and Wisdom - $5.00
Science, Volume I - $2.50

The First Urantia Society at Chicago had a nice visit from four of the members of the First Urantia Society of Oklahoma on Sunday, September 27th. We here at headquarters are always glad to see and hear from members of other groups.

Mrs. Ruth Burton, Chairman of the Charter Committee of the Urantia Brotherhood, advises she now has packets of materials containing information pertaining to the organization of new Urantia Societies, and will be glad to forward a packet to anyone who is interested in getting a new Society started.

Many of you have inquired about a Urantia Brotherhood funeral service. We now have one which we think is quite appropriate and it will be available within the next two or three months. It has been used and has met with considerable appreciation.

The past year has brought considerable interest in the Urantia Book in Australia as is evidenced by the thirty books which have been sent there.

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James C. Mills Vice-President



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