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Summary of Events of the First Quarter 1959

For the information of possible visitors to the First Urantia Society (Chicago), June 7th will be the last regular Sunday meeting for the spring. There will be no Sunday meetings through the summer. For the benefit of the members of the First Urantia Society the annual business meeting will be held on June 14th.

As you know, more and more study groups are being organized throughout the country. We are listing some of them and will list others in following news letters. These groups welcome visitors, so please feel free to visit them.

Urantia Society of Glenview Dr. Richard Renn, Pres., 25 Crescent Place Wilmette, Ill. Phone AL 1-5917

West Los Angeles study group Bud Kagan, 465 N. Cold Canyon Road Calabasas, California, Phone DI 7-7640

First Urantia Society of Oklahoma W. E. Grisso, Jr., Pres., 715 N. W. 22nd St. Oklahoma City, Okla.

Albany, N. Y. study group Miss Sophie Hansen, 11 S. Lake Ave., Albany 3, New York

The West Coast Urantia Society is planning a seminar, led by William S. Sadler, Jr., similar to the one which was held last August. The tentative dates are June 21-27th. It will probably be held in Los Angeles, although all the details have not yet been settled. They extend a cordial invitiation to everyone who would be interested. For further information, please write Mrs. William E. Fenderson, 3638 Bagley Ave., Los Angeles 34, California.

Sales of the Urantia Book through book stores are increasing -- in fact, the Pickwick Book Store in Hollywood now carries it in stock.

At our January 25th meeting here, Dr. Sadler presented his "Consideration of Some Criticisms of the Urantia Book." This 25-page document has been reproduced and we shall be glad to mail you a copy, upon your request; postage around 25 cents.

Many interesting letters are being received by the Urantia Foundation and the Urantia Brotherhood with reference to the Urantia Book. Since we know you would like to hear what others have to say about the Urantia Book, the following are quotations from a few of these letters:

"It seems to me that, if I were God, this is the sort of book which I would want to supply my human childrewn on such a benighted and remote speck of dust as the earth."

"I want to express my gratitude to God and all who have worked to give this book to us. I am so very grateful."

"It's a revelation! Been a hellp in my ministry and has clarified some of the jumbled confusion of the past."

"Please believe me when I say the Urantia Book has made the biggest impression on my life. Before I read this book I was not a very religous person, but now through this book, I have gained a very vivid insight into the Kingdom of God."

We again solicit news items from you and would like you to tell us just what you would like to hear in the news letters.

James C. Mills Vice-President

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