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Summary of Events of the Fourth Quarter 1955


On October 12th, 1955, the Urantia Book was released for distribution. What an occasion that Wednesday night...when Forumites, their eyes sparkling, could be seen leaving 533; their arms filled with books -- some were struggling with cartons of ten! Since then, we have heard many reports of varied reactions -- favorable, unfavorable, and indifferent. Here and there study groups have been formed. Nothing sensational has occured; most of us have expected slow, steady progress.

The custodians of the book report that around 1,700 copies have been released and around 160 more have been paid for but not picked up by the purchasers. This leaves an inventory of over 8,100 books.

The General Council held its annual meeting Sunday, January 15th. Members were elected to serve on the various Departmental Committees; a revised roster of the committee members is enclosed. The committee chairmen submitted reports of their committee activities for the year; these reports are briefed below:

Judicial: Held two meetings; studied the Brotherhood Constitution in making ready for meeting the problems of the future. Charter: Has been very active in meeting its pressing problems. Has produced a number of proposals concerning the chartering of Urantia Societies which are now being studied. You will be informed when these proposals have reached final form. Fraternal Relations: Met on three occasions; plans were discussed for the study of the various world religions and of the doctrines of the several Christian faiths in preparation for activities of the future. Domestic Extension: Spent much time in preparing questionaires relative to the placing of the book in the hands of influential persons; are also planning to put the book in certain libraries and in a number of universities. Foreign Extension: Met six times, completed internal organization and assigned specific territories. Decided to concentrate on Canada to gain experience for use in other English-speaking areas pending the availability of translations. Education: Held 24 meetings; selected a group to train as future teachers and this group has been in training since September. Formulated a questionnaire to be filled in by teacher and leader applicants. Drafted an outline of a two-year course of study which may possibly be expanded into a three-year course in the future. Publications: Held two meetings. Duplicated and mailed the Quarterly News Letters. Provided similar service to other Departmental Committees. Finance: Held several meetings; decided to appeal only to Forum members for needed funds. April letter was sent out to raise funds for 1955; the November letter appealed for 1956 funds. Thus far the response has been adequate. Miscellaneous: Met twice; no problems have been referred; individual members have assisted Secretary-General in clerical, secretarial, and housekeeping duties.

The Treasurer's Report: "Statement of Receipts and Disbursements for the year that ended December 31st, 1955" is attached. Such a statement will be released each year.

Let us hear from you. What experiences have you had in spreading the book? Please address your replies to Miss Marian Rowley, Secretary-General.

Warren H. Kulieke Vice-President January 23rd, 1955

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