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May 12, 1973

At the March meeting of the Executive Committee of the Urantia Brotherhood, E.L. Christensen was appointed President, and James C. Mills was appointed vice president of the Brotherhood until the next meeting of the General Council in August.

We are happy to welcome James C. Mills to our headquarters staff in Chicago. He has been active in Brotherhood affairs for a long time and in recent years has been a Field Representative in Neenah, Wisconsin. He has now returned to Chicago and we are all looking forward to his active roll in the work of the Urantia Foundation of which he is a Vice President, as well as profiting by his counsel and advice in the Executive Committee of the Urantia Brotherhood.

Also at its March meeting the Executive Committee appointed Peter Sarfaty as a Field Representative of the Brotherhood. Mr. Sarfaty has lived on the East Coast and has conducted study groups in Maryland and Long Island. He has also been active in the study group which has met in Helena Wall's home in Connecticut. He is now located at 4120 Pamela Court, West Des Moines, Iowa. The other Field Representatives are Julia Fenderson in Los Angeles, Berkeley Elliott in Oklahoma City, Meredith Sprunger in Fort Wayne, Indiana, John Hales in Brooklyn, New York, and Paul Snider in Englishtown, New Jersey.

New officers of the First Urantia Society of Houston, are as follows: President - W. Allen Brazell; Vice President - Mrs. Adrienne A. Kelley; Secretary - James P. Jarnagin; and Treasurer - Miss Sue V. Mattison.

The third printing of the Urantia Book will be just about exhausted by the time the fourth printing is received in July. During 1972 average shipment per month was 510 books. For the first four months of 1973 average shipment has been 588.

Excerpts from letters received recently:

Portland, Oregon -- "I suppose that you are naturally curious as to how the various students of the Urantia Book got started reading it. I started reading it in Juneau, Alaska last spring. I was hitch-hiking one evening and a fellow picked me up, and I told him that I was trying to write an interpretive book on the bible, and he mentioned the Urantia Book. I looked at it and started reading it. But I really didn't settle down and start seriously reading until September when I came south for the winter. I've worked part-time for the last three months and concentrated my time on getting the Urantia Book read, and I'll probably keep doing the same thing for the next few months."

Grand Junction, Colorado -- "I have studied the "Urantia Book" for over three years. The more I understand the more I fall in "love" with it. It is impossible to describe or put into words. The best way for me is, 'I know who I am, what I am, and where I am going'"

"We wish you, all of you, to know that we (my family) appreciate all you have done and are doing. We pray for you and will help when we can."


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