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March, May, June, 1982

To: General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives

Now that summer is over and we are well into the fall season, it might be helpful to review the meeting of the Triennial Delegate Assembly and also the Triennial Meeting of the General Council. I am sure that Delegates and Councilors reported on these business meetings to their respective societies, but I hope my review will clarify any lingering questions concerning the business conducted at these meetings.

Triennial Delegate Assembly

The Delegates elected the following individuals as members of the General Council for the terms specified:

9 Year Term

Henry Begemann Berkeley Elliott Scott M. Forsythe Nancy L. Grimsley John W. Hales Gloriann Harris John D. Hay Thomas A. Kendall Peter Laurence James McNelly Frank Sgaraglino Paul Snider

3 Year Term

Marian Rowley Bill Hazen

The Delegates passed six resolutions to be presented to the General Council.

The Delegates and Alternates alike expressed their appreciation for the orientation meeting which was held the day before the convening of the Assembly. It was an opportunity not only to ask questions but to begin the process of getting to know other members of the Assembly representing the 13 societies.

Triennial Meeting of the General Council

A major item of business brought before the Council was the six resolutions passed by the Triennial Delegate Assembly. The Constitution of Urantia Brotherhood provides in Section 6.S. for three courses of action to be taken by the Council when given such resolutions:

1. Adopt the resolution.

2. Refer the resolution to the Departmental Committees (the Executive Committee) for further study or elaboration.

3. Take other action as the Council feels necessary.

Using this criteria five resolutions were sent to the Executive Committee for further study and deliberation with instructions to report back to the next meeting of the General Council as to what action was taken. One resolution was adopted.

For ease of reference the resolutions were numbered. In abbreviated form, the five resolutions referred to the Executive Committee were:

1. All.-'General Councilors shall have read the entire Urantia Book.

2. Brotherhood gatherings should be opened with group prayer.

3. Proposed changes in book distribution terms.

4. Rewriting the copy on the dust jacket of The Urantia Book.

5. Prepare and adopt job descriptions for constitutional officers and paid employees of the Brotherhood.

The one resolution adopted was for the support of cooperative relations with Urantia Foundation.

Copies of the resolutions are enclosed.

The following officers were elected for a term of three years:

President - John W. Hales Vice-President - Carolyn Kendall Secretary - Katharine J. Harries Treasurer - Gloriann Harris Secretary-General - Marian T. Rowley

Committee members were elected for the terms indicated:

Judicial - Helena Sprague 6 years Charter - Charles Olivea 6 years Fraternal Relations - Meredith J. Sprunger, 3 years Chairman W.A. Van Valkenburgh, Jr. 6 years Domestic Extension - David Kulieke 6 years International Fellowship - Berkeley Elliott, 6 years Chairman Education - K. David Schlundt 6 years Publications - Mark W. Kulieke 6 years Finance - John D. Hay 6 years Special Projects - Charles R. Burton, 6 years Chairman

The Council members expressed their sincere appreciation for the many years of loyal service on the part of those leaving the Council: Edith E. Cook, 1955-1982; Julia K. Fenderson, 1964-1982; Anna Rawson, 19551982; and Harry E. Rowley, 1961-1982.

A list is enclosed reflecting the new Council members, officers, and Committee members, as well as an address list of Councilors to facilitate communication.

Marketing Studies. The marketing studies and recommendations of the Domestic Extension Committee and the Special Projects Committee were discussed at length. Thanks was expressed for the detailed work put into the reports. Although approaching the topic from differing directions, the conclusions were quite similar. The Council asked the Executive Committee to use their best judgment in recommending policy changes they believe will encourage the widest distribution of the book possible. These will then be passed on to Urantia Foundation for a final decision. Additional discussion centered on reducing the price of the book. The consensus of the group was to include this topic along with the other policy changes under consideration.

Copyright Guidelines. The Foundation has supplied the Brotherhood with a policy statement titled "The Urantia Book: Copyright Permission Guidelines," copies of which have already been sent to all societies. In reporting on this, Duane Faw thanked the Trustees for coming up with a workable set of instructions for those who wish to make use of quoted material from The Urantia Book in speeches or prepared materials for Urantia Book related activities.

Status of Translations. At the previous Council a resolution had been passed offering the services of the Brotherhood to the Foundation in translation efforts. In response to this, a letter was read from Thomas A. Kendall, President, Urantia Foundation. In summary, the letter told of the reprint of the French translation and its availability through Amadon Corporation. It mentioned the positive response received from French-speaking students who now will have the opportunity to concentrate on the study of the Urantia teachings. The Trustees hope that Urantia Brotherhood will distribute Le Livre d'Urantia. A Spanish translation which is in the possession of the Foundation is being evaluated as to its viability. Right now there are a number of legal and qualitative questions which remain to be resolved concerning this translation. A Finnish translation is all but completed except for arranging for final checking. Tom ended his letter by saying "We anticipate that as before there will continue to be ways for Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood to work together on projects, including translations. Starting now, we should be alert to those areas of cooperative effort which will advance the kingdom."

In connection with the above topic, a report was given on the simultaneous visits of Carolyn Kendall and John Hales to Paris, France, and Lynne Kulieke and David Elders to Montreal, Canada, in late April to bring the news of the availability of Le Livre d'Urantia to Frenchspeaking readers. The Executive Committee reached the conclusion it was of great importance for the Brotherhood to participate in this historic event which it is believed will have a far-reaching impact on our world wide activities. The joy with which this news was received in both locations was most touching. Gift copies were left with each study group as a symbolic gesture of our commitment to the Urantia teachings and their world-wide dissemination. Society presidents were notified by telephone about the reprint of the French translation.

There was general discussion about translation efforts and how best they might be accomplished, i.e., use of professionals and/or use of students of the teachings. It was agreed that without adequate information no firm policy could be decided upon. It was pointed out that the International Fellowship Committee has already begun work on this topic. There seemed to be a consensus that a study similar to the marketing reports would be beneficial. The Executive Committee will follow through with this suggestion.

General Council - Executive Committee Functioning. At the 1981 meeting of the Council, an Ad Hoc Committee to explore the relationship between the General Council and the Executive Committee was established. Helena Sprague as Chairman reported the results of her Committee's study. It was felt a time and place should be provided for bringing together not only members of the Council which would include members of the Executive Committee, but also the Foundation Trustees where activities other than those of a business nature could be pursued. An October get-together for this group was offered. The theme would be "What is the gospel of the heavenly kingdom? Why must it be the center of our individual and group experience?" The Committee felt this theme could best be approached by coming together in a new setting to study and share our comprehension of the teachings, and what they mean to us in our group functions. An informal vote indicated unanimous approval.

Constitutional Amendment. Lynne Kulieke, Chairman of the Education Committee presented the proposed amendment to the constitution which provides the Committee with greater flexibility in pursuing its constitutionally mandated activity. The amendment was passed. A copy of page 16 of the Brotherhood constitution is enclosed reflecting this change. Please correct your copy of the constitution. (You will also find replacements for page 30, due to a previous inadvertent omission of a line in paragraph 4.2., and page 34.)

Executive Committee Business

Soldier of the Circles. As an expression of our love for Christy, our friend, co-worker, and Executive Committee member since 1955, the following motion was passed:

WHEREAS: Of the five epochal revelations of truth to bless this planet, this fifth epochal revelation, because it comes without a visible personality, especially needs the hands, minds, and hearts of many human creatures,

And WHEREAS: Emma L. Christensen served unselfishly the needs and the beings responsible for manifesting this revelation on the planet, with her physical strength, her strength of purpose, her faithful commitment., her long-term dedication, and her concern and love for her many human friends,

And WHEREAS: Because each of us is a unique personality gift bestowed by God, we therefore deeply appreciate this personality gift we call Christy.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT: We will strive, in her name, to establish a living memorial to her contributions, comprised of growing human beings committed to the service of God and the God in each person, and dedicated to the expression of the highest progressive comprehension of the Master's gospel, wherever it leads us in our individual and collective labors as the human workers of this fifth epochal revelation of God to humankind on our planet, Urantia, this 21st day of May 1982.


BE IT RESOLVED THAT: We wish her well in her continuing adventure toward our Father in Paradise.

Library Placement Project. The Domestic Extension Committee continues the project of enlisting volunteers to locate libraries willing to accept gift copies of The Urantia Book to be placed on their open shelves. Committee member Tom Allen is coordinating this activity. Additional volunteers for this project are always welcome. You or others in your area can join this project by contacting Tom at 2322 N.W. 19th, Oklahoma City, OK, 73107, (405) 525-0918. The Committee is also undertaking a project to act as a clearing house of materials used by societies such as special presentations, speakers, useful literature, etc. Committee member David Kulieke is writing society presidents to elicit their cooperation.

Master Universe Maps. Approval was given for the Brotherhood to purchase copies of the newly reprinted folder "An Artist's Conception of the Master Universe." The price is established at $3.00 for U.S. and $4.00 for all other countries, which includes postage.

Agency Agreement. Amadon Corporation, publisher of Le Livre d'Urantia, has asked Urantia Brotherhood Corporation to become its authorized sales agent for the distribution of the French translation. A committee of Duane Faw, Frank Sgaraglino, and John Hales reviewed the document with the legal counsel of the Foundation. Having had certain questions answered to the satisfaction of the sub-committee and knowing the importance of the Brotherhood to be involved in the international distribution of translations, the sub-committee recommended that the Brotherhood Corporation sign the agency agreement. This agreement is basically the same as that between the Corporation and the Foundation as regards the English edition.

Historical Note. The June 30, 1982, meeting of the Executive Committee was held at Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL, during the occasion of the Summer Workshops. This was the first meeting of the Committee held at a location other than Brotherhood headquarters since its first meeting in 1955. It is also the first time that the composition of the newly elected Executive Committee does not have as one of its members a Trustee of Urantia Foundation. This circumstance will necessitate a new sensitivity to consciously maintain good communications between our organizations.

General Council Assignments. The five resolutions which were given to the Executive Committee by the General Council were assigned to the various standing committees for their study, evaluation, and recommendations.

Members-At-Large We welcome the following individuals as members of Urantia Brotherhood: Ms. Peggy Ann Isenhart, Albuquerque, NM; Mr. Gerald Lyle, Orange, CA; Mr. Everwyn and Mrs. Alice Hoedemaker, Aldersgrove, B.C., Canada; and Mr. Randy Lee Moser, Jerome, ID.

The greatest portion of this letter reflects my attempt to summarize the business conducted at the General Council. New society presidents should know that this letter is meant to be shared with your fellow officers and also society members. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions you may have concerning the topics mentioned due either to my lack of-clarity in presentation or to your not having enough background information.

We have undergone an orderly change in the personalities elected to conduct the affairs of Urantia Brotherhood. We no longer have the direct human association with one of our earliest leaders. In looking forward to meet the challenges of the future, let us also take time to reflect upon the accumulated wisdom gained by our predecessors. Theirs is a rich legacy.

In Fellowship,

John W. Hales, President Urantia Brotherhood



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