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To: General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives

We have received notice from Urantia Foundation that as of November 1, 1979, the retail price of The Urantia Book will be increased from $26.00 to $34.00. Of course, no one wanted to see this increase, but the rate of inflation since the last price increase (March 1977) dictates the change. The material realities involved in this decision will be presented in the December issue of the Foundation news letter.

You may recall that in the President's report to the General Council last summer, reference was made to the Library of Congress Circular R21 which concerns the use of copyrighted material by educational organizations. Meredith's intent was to provide greater clarification as to the use of copyrighted material. Since there may be some inadvertent misinterpretation, the Foundation sought the advice of their legal counsel and asked that I share this opinion with you:

11 ... there is no legal basis for the assumption that the law as is discussed in [the circular] permits Urantia Societies (or other similar groups such as Urantia Book study groups) to reproduce material from The Urantia Bo without seeking permission because Urantia Societies are alleged to be educational groups within the meaning of the law."

In our continued co-operative efforts, the Foundation wished to mention this matter to avoid possible misunderstandings in the future.

Dave Elders reported that the Boulder/Denver study groups have completed the requirements to become a chartered Urantia society. He hopes his committee can meet soon to pass on their recommendation to the Executive Committee.

At the request of Harry McMullan,, Urantia Foundation will sell books to the Brotherhood Gift Book Fund at the best discount given bookstores--40%. Since the fund is currently depleted, the committee authorized the transfer of $500 from the general fund to carry on the continuing placement of books in libraries.

Departmental committee chairmen have submitted their budget requests for 1980. In the coming month the Finance Committee will meet to consider these requests and make their recommendation to the Executive Committee for final approval at the December meeting.

On a similar topic, the Brotherhood and Foundation are in the process of preparing their annual joint fund appeal for 1980. It is a particularly difficult period of financial instability, yet if we wish to move forward with the various projects that are under way or proposed, a greater level of financial support is required.

I neglected to specifically mention in last month's news letter that Burton Harris was appointed to the vacant two-year term on the Judicial Committee, and K. David Schlundt and Marilyn B. Hauck to the three and four-year terms respectively on the Education Committee. These appointments will stand until the next regular meeting of the General Council.

On your list of officers of societies, please change the Treasurer of the Urantia Society of Central Connecticut from Beach Barrett to Mrs. Virginia Varnum, 55 Austin Place, Staten Island, NY 10304. Also, the vice-president, Marta Elders, has a new address: 143 Five Mile River Road, Darien, CT 06820. (To squelch any rumors, Dave Elders has also moved to the same address.)

Resolutions were passed expressing the Committee's grateful appreciation for many years of loyal, sincere, and wholehearted service as chairman of a committee and member of the Executive Committee to Arthur M. Burch, Bernard Burton, Mary Lou Hales, and Thomas A. Kendall. You might be interested to know that their experience totals 69 years (which does not include additional years as a member of a committee). We look forward to our continuing association with them in pursuing our mutual causes.

Warm regards,

John Hales, President



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