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March 1978

TO General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives


The Executive Committee unanimously approved the Licensing Agreement and strongly recommends it to all societies. In the near future all societies will receive copies for approval and signature.

I believe Allen's chief concern has been the possibility of being a codefendant with the Foundation and, because of this status, being open to a countersuit. The Foundation's legal counsel assures us that the Foundation would promptly move to dismiss the society or the individual out of the suit and that there are proper legal grounds for doing this. I am also assured that instances of the licensee being sued rather than the licensor are very rare. At any rate, the risk involved by the society is extremely remote and the good effected by the Licensing Agreement for the future is substantial.

I have received calls from various parts of the country saying that people in their area have received Allen's letter and since they are not General Councilors, Society Presidents, or Field Representatives they didn't understand what it was all about. I'm sure Allen meant well, but it has confused some people. If you know of such people, feel free to share my letter and Mr. Root's letter with them.

Now that we have a Licensing Agreement, the Executive Committee has lifted the moratorium on the consideration of requests for applications for charters. Those study groups which have been waiting to make application for a charter may now do so at their own discretion.

Mary DeEtt Parsons of Friday Harbor, Washington, Richard F. Mills of La Jolla, California, and Steve and Jovcee Law of Tampa, Florida, were accepted as Member-at-Large.

Enclosed is an up-to-date directory of Society officers.

Irene and I will see some of you at the Florida Conference March 17-19 in Tampa. We anticipate warm fellowship in the salubrious Florida climate.


Meredith J. Sprunger, President


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