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February 1978

TO: General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives


Julia Fenderson's survey of the Field Representatives shows they want their meeting at the time of the General Conference. They prefer to meet by themselves for approximately a half day. The report indicates there are 250-300 study groups at various places in the world.

I have asked Helena Sprague and Stephen Dreier to co-plan and co-chair the meeting this year. The time of their meeting has been set for Sunday, August 13, at George Williams College. Helena and Steve will send an agenda of their meeting to Field Representatives.

Field Representatives may check in at George Williams College on Saturday 5 August 12. There will, of course, be an additional charge for the extra night's lodging- and for meals on Sunday. Please let John Hales know if you will be staying at George Williams College Saturday night.

As many of you know, the Foundation has made a decision favorable to the publication and limited distribution of "Jesus: God and Man" which was written by Larry Mullins for the multi-media presentation at the Southwest Regional Forum last July. The Foundation has mixed feelings regarding this action and views it as a "faith adventure" in the text of experience. We should like to express appreciation to the Foundation for the thorough way in which they addressed this question and congratulate Larry for creating this beautiful presentation.

I should like to inform all of the officers, departmental chairman, and field representatives of Urantia Brotherhood that they should plan to have their written annual reports at the Chicago office no later than June 1, 1978 . We will then print these reports and send them to all-members of the General Council at least fifteen days before the General Council meeting on August 12, 1978.

Carl Marsden of Clinton, CT, was accepted as a Member-at-Large.

We would call your attention to the following changes of address:

Mr. Peter Sarfaty

509 Piney Branch Drive - #202

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Mr. Mario C. J. Harrington

UNDP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Box 20 Grand Central Station

New York, NY 10017

Arthur Burch reported that it was the unanimous opinion of the Judicial Committee that the Executive Committee has the power and authority to appoint Field Representatives and structure their responsibilities as it sees fit. The Executive Committee approved and adopted their report.

Thomas Kendall outlined a report of the Domestic Extension Committee regarding the orientation, education, and mutual assistance of leaders in Urantia Brotherhood. The study was comprehensive, detailed, and of exceptional quality. The report was referred to the International Fellowship Committee and the Committee on Education for further study. Later all three committees will work out a unified format and submit it to the Executive Committee for discussion and possible implementation.

We have had most favorable responses from people in the Oklahoma and Orvonton societies regarding the Licensing Agreement for present Urantia Societies. Allen Brazell of the Houston society did not get his critique of the Licensing Agreement to us in time for our meeting. I contacted him by phone and he has assured me that his letter is now in the mail.

At this point in time the only concern which we know that Allen has is that society members could possibly be sued for financial damages by the Foundation. The Agreement specifically provides a mechanism for working out misunderstanding and avoiding any liability. Foundation trustees have commented that their legal counsel tried to word the Agreement by putting in conditions like "knowingly" so as to avoid both the threat and the reality of any precipitous action on their part. We would also point out that societies can easily avoid the threat of members being sued because of the action of the group by incorporating the society - something local churches have routinely done for decades.

The Executive Committee, desiring to give Allen every consideration, again postponed taking any action regarding the Licensing Agreement, but expressed their intention to finalize the Licensing Agreement at their March 4 meeting.

We greatly appreciate the warmth, the help, and the patience everyone has shown as we earnestly strive to steer between the rock of Scylla and the whirlpool of Charybdis in our voyage toward a calm harbor so long sought in the adjudication of our Licensing Agreement problems. I do hope it is not an "albatross" about our neck!

The snow is deep and the weather is cold in Fort Wayne. I'm grateful for the ancestral genes which enable me to enthuse and invigorate in this Spartan environment. We send all of you warm Valentine greetings and best wishes.


Meredith J. Sprunger, President

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The Fellowship for Readers of The Urantia Book