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March 5, 1977

General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives


All of you will soon receive copies of Urantia Foundation's letter to the First Urantia Society of Oklahoma dated 12/27/76 referring to the Confirmatory Agreement and the response of the Oklahoma Society dated 2/18/77, along with my letter to Tom Kendall regarding the problem.

The Executive Committee discussed the problems related to this agreement and there seemed to be a cautious optimism that a solution could be found which would be satisfactory for both the Foundation and the Oklahoma Society. As soon as the Foundation's legal counsel has time to study these matters we will discuss possible solutions to the problems involved.

Carolyn Kendall, Chairman of the Planning Committee for the 1978 General Conference, held a committee meeting Saturday afternoon. The Conference will be held August 13-18, 1978 at George Williams College on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Carolyn gave a thorough report on the facilities at the George Williams College and made suggestions regarding committees needed to conduct the conference. The college can handle as many as 700 people and has many classroom and recreational facilities. We hope to send out our first letter announcing the conference in January, 1978.

The Field Representative workshop was a productive and rewarding experience. One can observe a growing rapport, openness, and integrative growth in the leadership of Urantia Brotherhood. Increasingly the underlying We-They atmosphere between headquarters' people in the field is disappearing. We are dedicated to continuing the open, honest, and warm communications which can bring unity of purpose within the Brotherhood without expecting unity in ideas or methodology.

Art Born gave a financial report which revealed that we have pledges for only about one-third of the Brotherhood budget ($56,000) this year. Observations were made suggesting that we should have a committee to develop systematic stewardship promotion which would result in organized personal contact with of the Brotherhood.

George L. Park of Hampton, CT, Peter L. Laurence of Armonk, NY, and

Mrs. Christine N. Evans of Honolulu, HI, have been accepted as members-at-large.

Field Representative, Dr. Richard F. Prince, has moved; his new address is: 1655 Los Altos Road., San Diego, CA 92109, and his telephone number is: 714-270-6558.

We are enclosing a copy of the new membership-at-large application form for

your information.

Recently, I read about a psychology professor who conducted a work experiment. He hired a man to hit a log with the blunt side of the ax, telling him he would be paid twice his normal hourly rate. The fellow lasted a half day and quit, saying, ''I have to see the chips fly.''

Our work in the Kingdom must be meaningful. Although we cannot always "see the chips fly,'' we must feel that we are engaged in significant activity. I would urge you not to allow others, including those of us on the Executive Committee, to frustrate you or to divert you from creative service. Remember that your highest loyalty should be to the indwelling direction of the Father. As long as you are following this guidance your service will be meaningful and fulfilling. And your life will be filled with joy; few people are effective unless they enjoy what they are doing.


Meredith J. Sprunger, President

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The Fellowship for Readers of The Urantia Book