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August 7, 1976

TO: General Councilors, society Presidents, and Field Representatives

We should like to report on things which the Administrative Committee is discussing so that if some of you have suggestions we can receive them before we make recommendations to the Executive Committee.

A report from the Field Representatives expresses strong approval of the Executive Committee Letter and communicates their intention to share problems and suggestions with the Executive Committee. We welcome their thinking and their help. Julia reports three more study groups in the West.

The Executive Committee will be making decisions concerning the next General Conference in the near future. The Administrative Committee will probably recommend that the next General Conference be held in the summer of 1978 and that a Planning Committee composed of Councilors from various sections of the country be appointed who would function during the next year and that an Expediting Committee composed of people from the Chicago area be selected who would be in charge during the following year.

Various people have recommended that we re-think standards for members-at-large. Comment has been made that the Brotherhood constitution speaks of them in terms of "exceptional cases" and outlines the governing process of the Brotherhood as basically through societies and their representatives. Standards for membership-at-large, some have suggested, should encourage individuals to form study groups and eventually societies. Another issue raised is that a mechanism be provided whereby persons desiring to become members-at-large and the Brotherhood get to know each other better before they are admitted to membership. The primary purpose of these standards is not to "weed out people who might cause trouble." There are no standards which will accomplish this purpose. Standards should have a positive purpose. We might also decentralize the Brotherhood by again having persons living within a hundred miles of a society apply to that society for membership. Still another issue is making provision for eliminating people who have lost interest in the Brotherhood from the membership rolls.

Suggestions have been made to consider modifying the procedure for chartering societies. It has been recommended that the Charter Committee appoint a Growth Evaluation Committee composed of experienced Urantians from various parts of the country to assist study groups who desire to become societies in a self-study and make recommendations for development and growth thereby helping them to become viable societies. Each Growth Evaluation Committee would be composed of different people specifically selected for their rapport with a particular study group.

Several people have recommended that we take a more systematic approach to fund raising. It has been suggested that an Ad Hoc Committee be appointed to assist the Finance Committee in raising special funds for publishing new translations of the Urantia Book and to assure the upkeep of the building in which the Foundation and Brotherhood offices are housed.

We intend to continue the study of long-range goals of the Brotherhood. The administrative Committee with the help of others will be formulating a statement early next year which will be submitted for further refinement to the ex Committee and eventually the General Council.

From the foregoing observations you can see that many difficult decisions need to be made and we are less likely to make immature and unwise recommendations to the Executive Committee if you will share your ideas with us.

Glen Thorsander of Minneapolis was accepted as a member at large.

The following people were appointed to fill vacancies on committees: Marion Oestmann on the Judicial Committee, Mark Kulieke on the Publications Committee, Goriann Harris on the Finance Committee, and David Renn on the Charter Committee.

The Executive Committee accepted Paul Snider's letter (7/8/76) of resignation as editor of the Urantia Journal with regret. We respect Paul's carefully considered judgment and decision in this matter and we are most appreciative of his willingness to continue to serve informally as a consultant to Mary Lou Hales, David Elders, and Linda Buselli to whatever extent they desire as they formulate the coming issues of the Urantian Journal.

Many of you are probably taking vacations this month. We wish you pleasant experiences and hope that you return refreshed. You might think of some of these issues and write us about them when you get home.

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