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 Executive Committee Letter
November 6, 1976

To General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives

Carolyn Kendall, Chairman of the Planning Committee for the 1978 Urantia Brotherhood General Conference, gave an extensive report on plans being considered. There was a consensus agreement in the Executive Committee that the 1978 General Conference and the General Council meeting will be held during the same calendar week. At this time we are planning for the 1978 General Council meeting to be held on a Sunday at 533 Diversey Parkway with the General Conference to be held during the week following this day. Plans are being made to hold the General Conference on the campus of George Williams College on the shores of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. These plans are still tentative.

Urantia Foundation, after much deliberation, which included discussions with the Executive Committee of the Brotherhood, a member of the Oklahoma Society, and Sandy Garrick, has denied Mr. Garrick's request to use direct quotations from The Urantia Book as lyrics to music he composed to be published and distributed. The Foundation felt that they should not permit Urantia teachings to be woven into 20th century western culture through the agency of officially authorized works of art. In their judgment such official recognition could eventually hamper the spread of Urantia teachings to other cultures. The trustees do not wish to discourage creative activity; they would encourage artists to express Urantia concepts in their own words.

Urantia Foundation also recently granted the First Urantia Society of Oklahoma permission to reproduce and distribute tapes of the 1976 Urantia International Forum, but these tapes may not include any of the musical portions of the program which used quotations from The Urantia Book as lyrics.

Three study groups have recently expressed their desire to receive society charters. The Executive Committee, after a long discussion, decided to declare a moratorium on the consideration of requests for applications for charters until the issue of the Confirmatory Agreement is resolved. Since the Dallas study group has completed almost all of the requirements for receiving a charter, the Executive Committee authorized the President and Secretary-General to convey the spirit of this decision in person to the Dallas group. We regret having to ask these groups to wait for the consideration of their requests to become societies, but we are confident that the Confirmatory Agreement issue will be settled in the spirit of truth and brotherhood in the not too distant future. The prognosis for unity in the Brotherhood is excellent.

Cece Forrester was appointed to the Domestic Extension Committee until the next meeting of the General Council.

Rosa Schwelkert, James H. Johnson, Charles Arcieri, Cathie Ventola, Barbara Ann Maier, Ronald R.Craig, Marc Freeman, and Joyce Forst have been accepted as members-at-large.

We extend our best wishes to everyone attending the Florida Conference at Lakeland, Florida, on November 13.

The spiritually perceptive person realizes that he owes much of his sense of well-being to the love and service of his fellows and the Father of all. May you have a warm and meaningful Thanksgiving.


Meredith J. Sprunger, President


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