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June 4, 1977

TO: General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives:

I should like to remind all Field Representatives that they are expected to make a brief report to the General Council on June 25 covering the past year. Those who are not members of the General Council may send their reports to Marian Rowley who will read them to the Council.

Julia Fenderson has completed a Field Representative survey which expresses appreciation for the opportunity to meet with the Executive Committee and the trustees of the Foundation. The two-day meeting in March enabled us to get to know each other better and the majority want the next Field Representative Workshop held in March or June of 1978 at Chicago.

Mario Harrington will soon move to a United Nations post in Lima, Peru. Mario was asked by the Brotherhood to translate three of our basic pamphlets on The Urantia Book into Spanish, which he has done. He hopes that the Brotherhood will be able to furnish him with names of people to contact in Latin America.

Henry Begemann visited London, England, early in May to meet with students of The Urantia Book. . Nine people were present at one meeting. Henry feels that more time is needed to develop the potentials for a solid study group.

General Councilors received a copy of Frank Sgaraglino's letter expressing concern for the well-being of the Urantia movement. All of us share this concern and regret that in some areas the quality of our spiritual fellowship has eroded. I am, however, optimistic about the future. During the last six months there has been a marked change in attitudes. The First Urantia Society of Oklahoma has co-operated fully with the Executive Committee in giving us specific reasons why the old Confirmatory Agreement was inadequate. In turn, the Foundation is asking their lawyers to draft a new Confirmatory Agreement.

It is difficult for us to remember that although the Foundation and Brotherhood have unity of purpose, they have different primary responsibilities. I hope to speak to this question in my report to the General Council. On the basis of the feedback which I get from individuals and groups, I am confident that we can resolve these problems in the next year or so and proceed to the real ministry of Urantia Brotherhood. We appreciate the helpful concern which we have received from everyone. As we pool our wisdom and goodwill, these difficulties will find constructive solutions.

The Fraternal Relations Committee has formulated a statement concerning the "Relation of Urantia Brotherhood and Teachings to the Religions of Mankind." The paper states the purpose of the Brotherhood is not to establish a new religion, but to spiritually unite all people in loving fellowship and brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God.

The Foundation has decided that societies wishing to donate Urantia Books to libraries and other institutions in their area may purchase these books at a 40% discount providing the society gives the Brotherhood the names and addresses of the institutions to which the books have been donated. These books are not to be resold.

The Foundation has also informed the Brotherhood Corporation that under the present price structure, damaged books may be sold at $16.00 per copy.

The Executive Committee approved the following recommendation of the Judicial Committee:

Representation of Members-at-large on the Triennial Delegate Assembly would duplicate and distort the primary and basic premise that societies shall comprise the constituency of Urantia Brotherhood as outlined by the Brotherhood constitution . Since the organizational interests of members-at-large can be adequately addressed by current organizational procedures, we recommend no change in the structure of the TDA.

Mrs. Mary Carty of Danbury, CT, has been accepted as a Member-at-Large.

The General Council will meet at 533 Diversey Parkway on June 26. These meetings in the past have been rather formal and "controlled." We hope to open them more to informal and free discussion. This openness will require each of us to discipline both our thinking and our emotions, but not at the expense of honesty or genuineness. We hope this new freedom will not make our meeting so long or chaotic that it becomes impractical. We are confident that this will not be the case, but that free and open discussion will result in greater potentials, unity, and brotherhood.

We look forward to seeing you General Councilors on June 25. Others we will see at the Southwest Regional Forum in July. To all we send our best wishes for a delightful and refreshing summer. The next Executive Committee Letter will probably be sent in August.


Meredith J. Sprunger, President

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