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August 1977

TO: General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives

The aftermath of the General Council. meeting and the Southern Regional Forum has effected a relaxed period of warm and pleasant nostalgia. The spirit of brotherhood has dominated our interpersonal relationships and we have been inspired by many creative presentations at Fountainhead Lodge. The Oklahoma Society sponsored a multimedia production, "Jesus - God and Man," which is an outstanding inspirational achievement. Other regional conferences, I am sure, will be asking to borrow or rent it to show in their meetings.

Marin Myers, Thomas and Carolyn Kendall and family were in France in July. They met with various students of The Urantia Book and with the committee working on a new French translation. Martin went on to spend some time with the Begemanns in Holland. They spoke of making significant contacts with people of leadership potential in Europe.

Lynne Kulieke reported on a recent meeting of the Committee on Education. They are in the process of developing content and selecting, leadership for their workshops at the 1978 General Conference. Mary Lou Hales spoke of the continuing preparation and readiness of the Connecticut and Texas study groups who will no doubt wish to become societies as soon as the new Licensing Agreement is ready.

Conrad Levallee and four members of a Montreal study group visited the Chicago office on July 30. They have weekly meetings, but have problems studying The Urantia Book because they lack French translations of the book. They hope to have a regional get-together in September.

Barbara Kulieke presented a thoroughly researched report of the Publications Committee outlining a new format for the Urantia Brotherhood Bulletin. Everyone seemed happy with the more attractive design and the Executive Committee directed the Publications Committee to proceed with the new format using our recently purchased offset printing machine. If the committee feels after a trial period that our in-house facilities are inadequate, they plan to ask the Executive Committee for permission to go to professional printing services. The Brotherhood Corporation approved the committee's recommendation to follow the usual practice of periodicals in copyrighting each issue.

Halford Park of Willimantic, Conn., and Joel Winter of Southbury, Conn., were accepted as Members-at-large.

Enclosed is the up to date listing of the General Councilors, officers, and committee members of the Brotherhood.

We should like to extend our best wishes to those who are planning and those who will be attending the Third Western Conference at Irvine College in Los Angeles over the Labor Day weekend.


Meredith J. Sprunger, President

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The Fellowship for Readers of The Urantia Book