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October 1978

To: General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives

All of us who attended the First Pacific Conference for Students of The Urantia Book were inspired by the people, the program, and the scenery. Quite a number of people from the mainland were present. The conference was characterized by interesting presentations and good discussions. We were overwhelmed by warm hospitality and delicious meals. The opportunity to attend several study groups and visit with many students of The Urantia Book was most educational, enabling us to establish warm, personal relationships with the many able and dedicated students of the book on the Hawaiian Islands.

John Hales recently attended a small conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Students from Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri gathered to see "Jesus: God and Man," presented by representatives of the Oklahoma Society. This informal gathering of students also enjoyed discussing topics presented in addition to the multi-media presentation. Plans are being made for another meeting in the spring.

John also visited the Northwest Get-Together for Urantia Book Students held in Wenatchee, Washington, which brought together some sixty participants. He noted the program was planned and executed by those in the region, thus giving many the chance to gain experience in teaching as well as conference organizing. It was rewarding to meet those who were fellowshipping with other students for the first time.

Lew and Alice Clark are working with a group which plans to form an editorial committee and initiate a Northwest Newsletter. We should like to send our congratulations and best wishes in this new venture.

Julia Fenderson is making a tour of the Holy Land. We know she is thoroughly enjoying this experience and we look forward to hearing about her trip. Berkeley Elliott, along with a number of people from Oklahoma City, is visiting study groups in Alaska and Hawaii. They will show "Jesus: God and Man" in both areas. We know that everyone will be having a wonderful experience!

The Publications Committee has announced that since the Summer Issue of the Brotherhood Bulletin has been delayed, it will be combined with the Fall Issue which will probably be mailed next month.

Conrad Lavallee of Grand Mere, Canada, Miss Earlene A. Green of Silver Spring, Maryland, and Mrs. Carol Kostic of Chatillon, France, were elected as members-at-large.e should like to extend our best wishes to the Eastern Regional Conference being, held at Pawling, NY, on November 4 and to the Mid-Atlantic Conference convening in Washington, D.C. on October 28.

The chilly weather we are having causes me to think of the salubrious climate we were enjoying a few days ago in Hawaii. October, however, has always been my favorite month; so, I am anticipating the enjoyment of crisp mornings and balmy afternoons ahead. We hope you too will find time to relax in the out-of-doors before the winter rain or snow arrives.



Meredith J. Sprunger, President 

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The Fellowship for Readers of The Urantia Book