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Executive Committee Letter
June, 1979

To General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives

In Meredith's absence (he and Irene are enjoying a vacation in the north woods of Michigan), it is my pleasure to announce that the Executive Committee has authorized the granting of charter 14 to the Urantia Society of Dallas. The installation ceremony is planned for June 16. Mary Lou Hales and several of her Charter Committee members will be attending, as well as the Sprungers and myself. We all look forward to this formal yet festive occasion.

On a similar note, those of us who traveled to Farmington, Conn., for the May 12 installation ceremony enjoyed the chance to meet old and new friends. At the conclusion of the ceremony a pot luck supper was served, followed by the society's first business meeting to elect officers. Then an interesting study session and time of fellowship continued into the early morning hours. We all appreciate the gracious hospitality of our eastern friends.

We have received charter material from the Boulder/Denver study group and also an inquiry from some of the First Urantia Society of Los Angeles members who live in Orange County, California, concerning the possibility of their becoming a society.

Carolyn Kendall reported on a most interesting weekend spent attending two meetings in Berkeley, California. One was sponsored by the Spiritual Renaissance Institute, at which presentations were given by representatives of eleven major world religions, and the following day a gathering for Urantia book students was hosted by the San Francisco Bay Area Urantia society.

A bit of business. Meredith, several months ago, requested your suggestions for topics to be included on the agenda for the General Council meeting. If you have suggestions (so far none have been received), we would like them by July 1. A reminder that written reports from officers, departmental Chairmen, and Field Representatives are due by July 1. And Christy is still waiting to receive additional recommendations of individuals for officers and committee members. Marian is also waiting to receive names to be considered for councilors (please include short biographies).

We appreciate your help in the above requests, and thank you for your prompt response.


John Hales, Secretary-General


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