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To: General Councilors, Society Presidents, and Field Representatives

David Elders, John and Mary Lou Hales, David Penn, Irene and Meredith Sprunger took part in the installation service inaugurating the Urantia Society of Dallas. Many visitors were present. A delicious dinner and fellowship followed the ceremony. We should like to congratulate the Dallas people for their persistence in achieving this goal and give them our hearty best wishes. Berkeley Elliott met with a group of 24 Urantia Book students in Cassville, MO, on May 11. On May 26-28 she attended the Boulder Memorial Day Conference and reports having a fantastic time.

The Oklahoma Society is proud that Jean Ann Whiteman's bronze art is being exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute. Berkeley and others flew to Washington to attend a reception held in Jean's honor. While there she visited Troy and Janice Bishop and talked with Peter Sarfaty. Peter now spends two weeks in the hospital and one week at home.

The Judicial Committee reported the following opinions: 1.The Committee on Education's name should be changed to "The Education Committee." 2.The time of installation of a Urantia Society is when such society becomes an integral part of the Brotherhood. The committee recognizes the possibility that different past interpretations may have legal validity.

The Triennial Meeting of the General Council should be held following the Triennial Delegate Assembly. Members of a committee must be physically present to constitute a quorum. Participation by telecommunication is not sufficient for quorum purposes. Article XI, Section 11.2 of the Brotherhood constitution should be changed to allow members-at-large to serve on departmental committees. The Executive Committee was in agreement with these opinions and acted to expedite their actualization.

Action was taken to allow the Charter Committee to recommend fee changes in chartering societies. The Executive Committee approved the Y.M.C.A. of the Rockies in Estes Park as the site of the 1981 General Conference. J. Lee Rector III of Nashville, TN, and Sandra B. Rogers of North Harwich, MA, were elected as members-at-large. Marian Rowley reports that the Gift Book Fund is running low. We would encourage any of you who desire to contribute to this service fund.

As you know, invitations to the Triennial Delegate Assembly were sent to those of you who receive the Executive Committee Letters rather than the total general membership, because of space limitations. To help in our planning, we specifically need to know now the number who will be attending. Enclosed is a stamped return postcard to indicate if you and your spouse will be attending the Triennial Delegate Assembly on Friday and Saturday, August 17 and 18. Please return this card promptly.

We should like to send our best wishes to the Ontario Conference which will be held July 26-29 at Geneva Park on Lake Couchiching and to the Pacific Northwest Gathering which will meet at Vancouver July 28-31. Many of you we will see at the Chicago workshops, the Triennial, or the General Council meeting. We hope that all of you will come with all of the background preparation which is so necessary for good meetings. May you have safe and pleasant travel and we look forward to warm and stimulating fellowship.


Meredith J. Sprunger, President

A Service of
The Fellowship for Readers of The Urantia Book